12:30 – it’s that time again!

You know how it is; you arrive at work in the morning fresh as a daisy and ready to plough through your list of things you simply must do. But as it gets nearer to midday you find yourself running out of steam and in need of inspiration.

1230 The Women’s Company (1230 TWC) is a lunchtime networking organisation that supports female entrepreneurs in London and the South East. Founded in 2002 by Penny Denby and Jackie Groundsell, it provides both on and off-line trading and support opportunities across the UK. 

1230 membership

One of the great things about 1230 TWC is it’s affordability.   As part of their committment to supporting women business owners, membership starting from £55 per annum for sole traders in their first 12 months.

1230 run monthly meetings all over the country.  All of the meetings start at 12.30pm and are held the same day and week of each month, e.g. 1st Thursday, 2nd Wednesday etc, and are aimed at career women and business owners in search of inspiration, business support, contacts and business partners.  Once you join, you can attend as many 1230 monthly meetings as you wish at the reduced member prices and wherever you like and you have the opportunity to display your marketing materials and tell the other members about your services.

The 1230 website offers a strong community element as well and Penny and Jackie are always available to liaise with their members.  Members are free to attend as many meetings as they wish each month without being restricted to any particular group. There is also an online community where members can create profiles to promote their businesses 24/7.

More than 10,000 business women each month are invited to take part in these meetings up and down the country. At the meetings each woman is given one minute to present her business to the audience in the hope of making those all important contacts.

1230 TWC also offers women the opportunity to be franchisees, with the potential to earn £30k or more per year. Women who choose to run a franchise are assured of a hassle-free, simple model which comes with a complete training package and support programme.

1230 TWC organise two main conferences and events each year which consist of inspirational speakers and workshops. Members can access these meetings at a reduced rate; monthly meeting costs range between £10-£13.50.  The first is a charity event in September and the second is a womens conference in March.

To find out if there is a group meeting in your area, log onto www.1230.co.uk.

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