Successful SME’s focus on three things…

Sales, Marketing and Entrepreneurial Teams.

More than 95% of businesses that attempt to launch in the UK crash and burn within their first five years. Even worse, hundreds of great ideas are left sitting on the launch-pad without a bold pilot to make them soar.

Many existing businesses shoot for the moon, but find themselves passively orbiting their marketplace neither here nor there. Somewhere along the way they ran out of fuel and the growth simply fizzled out.

This ‘SME Launch-pad’ event talks about how to get your business rocketing ahead using cutting edge Marketing, Sales and Entrepreneurial Leadership techniques.

At this event you will discover:

How to adjust your sales and marketing strategies to address your clients real reasons for buying your product or service.

The eight step checklist that can ‘make or break’ your marketing budget

Why most people fail to automate their business and end up getting trapped in the ‘day to day’.

How to run a low cost promotion that builds momentum in your business and puts cash in the bank.

The beauty of business is that the right ideas ARE our currency. Just one idea or one connection made at this event can be the difference between success or failure and in my opinion is well worth attending.

The speaker, Glen Carlson is renowned for his creative approach to starting new companies and entering new markets. His passion (and history of business success) is taking start up companies from $0 to US$1Million turnover in under 12 months.

He is a true ‘serial entrepreneur’ and offers fresh insights on how to create, grow and leverage your business using the most effective strategies in sales, marketing and building “entrepreneurial teams”.

The 2 hour evening event is normally £29, however I have access to some industry rate tickets for you so if you book through this link you will pay just £16.50 (and it is well worth every penny)

Of course the real value of this event is that just one good idea or one key connection is worth 100 times the cost of this event and I genuinely believe that this event will be full of practical insights and dynamic people.
Hope to see you there! You can book multiple tickets on this link, so you may be wise to bring your key team. Book here

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