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5 Signs you are too cheap: Women Unlimited TV with Julie Hall

Pricing is one of the most difficult things to figure out when you are running your business, but I also think that many of us are under the definitely false impression that if we charge less for our services that we will get more clients and make more money.

When I was running my web design business I would find that if I took on a project at a discounted rate, it would mean that I didn’t have time to find clients at a higher rate and also, people who pay less, still want the same level of service – so it is a false economy to fill up your time working with people who aren’t really able to afford you.

My big epiphany was when I realised that I was marketing to the wrong audience.  One of the keys to creating a successful business is to be selling your products and services to those who can afford it.  By creating enough value in your business and your offering and targeting the right customer base you can transform your business, to one that is thriving and profitable.

In the video below I share the 5 signs that you are too cheap and would really like you to think about whether you can take away any ideas or inspiration for your own business.

5 Signs that you are not charging enough!

1. You’re too busy

If you are working loads and not rolling in dough, then odds are you are not charging enough. If people value what you have to offer, they will be willing to pay a decent amount to work with you or buy your product.  If they aren’t willing to, then perhaps it’s worth looking at how you can increase the value.

2. People tell you that you are not charging enough

Recently I had about 5 people come up to me after our business club and tell me that we weren’t charging enough for the value that they received out of the club.  One person said that she almost didn’t come because she wasn’t sure that there would be enough value.  If people are telling you that you are not charging enough – believe them!  Look at what is going on in your marketplace and who is charging what and figure out how you can move up the pricing ladder.

3. You give your time away for free

So many women fall into this trap.  We feel such a strong desire to help people out that we forget our own needs and offer to help for free.  DON’T DO IT!  By spending time giving away your free services or products, you are devaluing what you have to offer and you will be using the time that you are spending with them and not helping people that are willing to pay.  That is not to say, that free can’t be a great marketing tool, but to be effective, it needs to be leveraged, meaning that it is helping out loads of people, not just one person.

4. You only have 1 price point

Have three different types of offering around the same product.  A basic, middle and premium option.  Think about the different types of value that you can offer.  And, if you’re anything like me, you’ll always want to give as much value as you can – but the problem is, that often, people only want one element of that.  You’ll be amazed at how many people will go for the premium option and it is guaranteed to bring in more revenue into your business.

5. You allow yourself to be negotiated down

Move away from financial discussions and offer a value exchange instead.  If someone wants to pay you less, then you give them less value.   You know the value of what you have to offer, don’t let others take that away from you.  Find a way to give them an additional piece of added value that will not cost you time or money to deliver.



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About Julie Hall

Hi, I'm Julie Hall, the founder of Women Unlimited. Which is my 4th business. I've had a business as a headhunter, a consultant, a new media agency and now finally Women Unlimited. I've learned lots of lessons - many of which could have been avoided. I hope you find the articles and stories on this website useful, and feel free to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Wonderful and insightful advice. All five points address areas we need to be aware of. Thank you for this. Keep up the good work.
    Deborah R.

  2. Thanks Deborah … They all happen to be traps I have fallen into myself 🙂

  3. Hi Julie, really sound advice. And as you say all things I have fallen under the spell of.

    I was once told by a mentor that unless people do a mental or actual sharp intake of breath at your charges, then you are not charging enough.

    With respect to the giving stuff (especially time) for free; I think this not only devalues you and your business, but it devalues the person who is apparently willing to accept something for nothing – whilst there are some who are happy to do this; most people are probably not in reality – just not in a position to pay at that moment, So a value exchange is a great way to avoid any residual feelings of regret on either side of the transaction. Giving yourself for free, actually keeps the other person poor too, so is good for neither side of the equasion.

    Thanks for the timely reminder.

    Best regards – Pat Mason

  4. I loved this article and the advice you give is extremely useful. Why so many female entrepreneurs take so long to charge for services is a mystery.

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