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5 Tips to Recession-Proof Your Life, Earls Court Conference Centre, 13 November 2010

Uncertainty is everywhere in 2010 – Jobs, pensions, the climate, health. However one of the UK’s leading experts in personal growth, Jack Black, has established a simple toolkit to help everyone come out of the recession smiling.


watch your language and if you find yourself thinking or saying a negative word,  replace it with a positive.  For example change “I’m tired” into “I need more energy”


other people are feeling scared and this can lead to negative behaviour.  Imagine yourself protected by an invisible bell jar – it lets in the positive but keeps out the negative.  Keep your focus on what you want, not what others are doing.


evaluate all aspects of your life and learn to keep work, family, health and your own wants in balance.


manage your stress – regularly do things that you love and that make you happy – whether it’s walking the dog or climbing a mountain.


 Stop worrying about issues you can’t control instead, take time to decide on 7 goals for the next 3 years. Write them out in a notebook and read them as often as you can, ideally last thing at night and first thing in the morning

Jack will be presenting these ideas and more at a one day Mindstore seminar at Earls Court, London on Saturday 13 November 2010. The seminar, on transformation, is aimed at both the business community and individuals. He promises to provide the hope, the tools and the inspiration we all need to finally get things moving.

Black says “It’s time for personal and group transformation.  Enough is enough!  Having personal tools to deal with these self destructive thoughts and emotions can surely make a difference, what’s more being able to use the latest and cutting edge approaches that inspire personal and group motivation will absolutely improve our outlook. 

Armed with techniques to confidently, no matter what, deliver our best possible efforts and performance at work, at home and in our social circles is what’s necessary now.  Not just for ourselves but for one another, our teams at work, and our families and friends at home.  Perhaps it’s now time for each of us to truly take responsibility to grasp this reality and decide to change.”

Jack Black is available for interview for more information visit: www.transformevents.co.uk or to arrange interview please contact Alistair Elliott on Transform Events, 07973 872819.

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