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Are you our next Business Club Leader?

Thank you so much for your interest in finding out more about being a Women Unlimited Business Club leader.   The video above is from our Thrive Conference and features Claire Portis, our Hampstead Club Leader and she shares what it means to be a club leader for her.

What is the Women Unlimited Business Club?

It combines the power of networking with useful targeted training that helps our members build and grow their business.

Running a business can be challenging, particularly if you are doing it by yourself.  And it’s very easy to get stuck in your own head.  At the Business Club we offer training and brainstorming that  really helps to shift business owners out of that stuck place.

The training is built around the three pillars of a successful business: Marketing, Strategy and Personal Effectiveness.  Through continuity, accountability, training and brainstorming, delivered both online and face to face, the women that join our community learn new skills and strategies that will help them to be more confident and successful in their businesses.

How much does it cost to become a business club leader?

This is not a franchise.  We are not going to ask you to invest to be one of our  club leaders, but if you are selected, we will ask for a deposit to cover the costs of investing in materials for your club and the training that we invest in you – but this is fully refunded the month after your club launches.

In fact… we pay you!

As a business club leader you are not likely to be doing this for the money, but we want to acknowledge the time and effort that you put in.  You’ll find out more at the discovery day, but suffice it to say, we are happy to share the profits from your business club meetings with you.

Does this sound like you?

  1. You are coach or a trainer
  2. You are passionate about business and really want to help others to achieve their full potential
  3. You are energetic and persistent and grab life with both hands
  4. You love connecting with other people and are a great networker
  5. You have a large network already in your area
  6. Excellence is a key driver for you
  7. You are not afraid to try things out and embrace learning from your mistakes
  8. You are ethical and full of integrity in your life and do what you say you are going to do
  9. You believe that simple and done always beats complex and unfinished
  10. Women who are ready to take on a challenge and become a role model in their community and help others to achieve their dream business.

Where we are looking to open up the next round of business clubs…

We are hoping to open up our next round of clubs in September / October – so if you are interested in becoming a local leader in your community please come along to one of our discovery day sessions that we are holding across the UK in April and early May.

Please note we already have clubs in the following areas:

Yorkshire: Goole and Harrogate

London: Stratford, Wimbledon, Enfield, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Hampstead, Croydon

South East: Milton Keynes, St. Albans, Hastings

And we would love to launch one in your area.

Some of the towns/cities that we are particularly interested in are: Brighton, Guildford, Southhampton, Portsmouth, Exeter, Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham, Cardiff, Birmingham, Norwich, Northampton, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, York, Central London and West London but don’t think if your area isn’t on this list that we don’t want to hear from you – we do! If you feel that the women in your local area would benefit from having a business club near them, then please come along to one of the discovery days near you.

Where would you like to open a club?

At the moment we are still focusing on the UK –  I know that some of you would be interested in launching a club in your country, unfortunately we just don’t have the capacity for this at the moment but come next year we will definitely be looking further afield.

WU Business Club Discovery Day Events:

Please email hello@womenunlimitedworldwide.com, with the words Club leader recruitment in the subject and tell us a little bit about yourself and we will be in touch shortly.

Some thoughts from previous business club attendees

“The business club offers a rare opportunity to speak openly and honestly about your business. It’s great to be a member of a group of business woman who really “get it” I have made some excellent contacts at the club, but even more importantly, business friends and allies.  Felix Macintosh, Tigersonic

“I get so much from every single business club meeting I attend. Not only do I get to meet with likeminded women business owners, aiming to take their businesses up a level, I also get support, advice and the opportunity to develop my business through in-put from the business-wise and very knowledgeable Julie Hall. What a woman! What a club!” Claudia Crawley, Winning Pathways Coaching

““The Women Unlimited Business Club provides an extra dimension to business. You also get to learn about practical tools and strategies for your business development. The combination of input, interaction and supportive challenge is both motivating and inspiring”.”Sue Oliver

“Thank you for organising such amazingly helpful sessions through the Business Club. It is extremely valuable and unique to be able to pool our knowledge and work together to help both ourselves and other peoples businesses. It is providing the fresh approach and constructive criticism that we lack when we are working on our own in our small businesses. It is also incredibly informative and great fun. ” Emma Hammett, First Aid for Life


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Hi, I'm Julie Hall, the founder of Women Unlimited. Which is my 4th business. I've had a business as a headhunter, a consultant, a new media agency and now finally Women Unlimited. I've learned lots of lessons - many of which could have been avoided. I hope you find the articles and stories on this website useful, and feel free to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Dear Julie,
    I’d like to open a business club in Paris, where I’m living today and where I’m about to develop my activity in international consulting in innovation & creativity and also a business incubator for “improbable” innovative businesses.
    I’m about to check if I could drop by on Thursday at Kings Cross (will confirm during today if yes or no), as on July 8 I’m holding a 2 day seminar and so am not sure if I’ll be able to join your webmeeting.

    Could you please confirm to me if you’re interested in a Paris chapter?

    all the best to you,


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