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Authenticity the key for new entrepreneurs, expert claims

Entrepreneurs who are true to themselves at all times stand the greatest chance of success when starting a business, it has been claimed.

Writing for the Democrat and Chronicle, Enid Arbelo said businesspeople should use all their previous life experience when setting up a company, drawing on both positive and negative incidents where applicable.

They are the individuals with the vision for success, and the people investing time and money in the enterprise, she said.

As such, trying to be somebody different or pursue somebody else’s dream makes no sense, Ms Arbelo suggested, noting that authenticity counts for plenty in business.

She also commented that entrepreneurs must always retain a strong work ethic, patience and willingness to make sacrifices if they wish to succeed in business.

“Most importantly, though, you have to be true to yourself,” Ms Arbelo added.

Last month, Daniel Jones told entrepreneur.com that creativity and determination are essential for any individual hoping to experience business success.

He claimed that entrepreneurism is about “making opportunities out of apparently nothing”, and having the enthusiasm to follow ideas through.

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