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Evelyn is a stylist and personal shopper based in London. Passionate about helping women find their style, streamline their wardrobe and dress with confidence every time, Evelyn launched Cocoon London. Taking the stress out of shopping, saving time and preventing costly fashion mistakes, Cocoon London gives every woman the advantage of having her own personal stylist. Evelyn also works as a stylist for up and coming designers, writes about fashion and is a Style Guru for Secretguru - the new Ebay website. For more information about Cocoon personal shopping & styling packages click on the icons below.
Building A Capsule Wardrobe

How stylists create a capsule wardrobe in 6 easy steps

The term capsule wardrobe is thrown around constantly, but what is it? And how easy is it to create one? A capsule wardrobe is the holy grail because it streamlines your whole dressing and shopping process and guarantees you will always look effortlessly stylish. The definition is a limited collection of interchangeable pieces that create perfect outfits for your shape, colouring and lifestyle, every time. Essentially it is your day-to-day uniform pieces – skirts, day/work dresses, trousers etc. that can easily glide between work and play. How easy? It’s pretty …

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Business of style

The business of style: 8 no fail tips for busy women

Easy, stylish dressing is never an accident. We all dream of getting up in the morning, selecting a beautifully flattering, stylish, comfortable outfit, perfect for our day, in under 5 minutes. But, that’s just not how it happens… for anyone. Style success, just like your success in business, takes forward-planning, research and strategic action! Just not as much as you might think. By knowing where to focus and taking just a few minutes here and there, making some small tweaks, you will get big returns! Saving you time, money and …

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