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Katie is the author of The High-Heeled Leader, a current journalist for the Huffington Post, and a sought after speaker, trainer and business coach. Known for her work with Women’s Leadership Development, her passion is to inspire women worldwide to own their place in the world, step into their glory, and dance with life. For over two decades, she has helped women transform themselves into the magnificent people they were born to be. You can connect with Katie on the icons below!

Superwoman or Super Bonkers?

Your epitaph reads: I wish I’d spent more time doing the housework and looking after everyone else Yeah right! Like that’s going to be your wish. So, has the 21st Century really given us women what we want? Can we really be superwoman and ‘have it all’ or is it our time to find the balance in our lives and ask for what we want rather than assume we have to be brilliant at everything? How do you take your foot off the pedal and slow down? We are all so busy ‘doing’ that …

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That dreaded word .. Networking! (Or how to put your head above the parapet)

Networking is a word that can instil dread into a lot of people, as it can seem very ‘forced’ and contrived. The thought of having to put your head above the parapet can be a step too far for some. However, whether you work for a company or run your own business, networking has become an expected part of the working world now.

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Are you reaping the rewards of the flexible business culture?

Just over 20 years ago, I had a brief period when I wasn’t working. My marriage had broken down and I had run a company with my husband, so within 24 hours I was on my own, homeless and without a job. I did get myself back on my feet again, but I can still remember how that period affected my level of confidence, and also just how quickly that self-doubt crept in when I wasn’t looking! It is very easy to forget just how good we are and how …

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Top 10 tips for working successfully with men in your business!

So, you’ve always known where you were going in life, your focus and motivation were never in doubt, you’ve achieved the business and career you set your sights on, or you’re vigorously pursuing your dream. Everything is hunky dory in your world. Or is it? Do you ever feel that on some level you have sacrificed, or are being asked to sacrifice a part of who you are as a woman, in order to get where you want to go?  Would you like to press the pause button for a second and …

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Have you become the person you were born to be?

Character Development! Those two words can bring up all kinds of memories and images for people.  Sending young children off to boarding school to ‘develop their character’, sending young men into military service because it is ‘character building’ etc.  But, what does that phrase really mean?  And, who is responsible for developing our character anyway? Let me ask you a question.  How much of your energy do you give away during the course of a day to people, situations and events over which you have no control?  The answer is likely …

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Busy inspiring others? Take time to inspire yourself!

As women in business, we have to be all things to all people, all of the time!  Exhausting in the extreme.  So, as we inspire others around us to be the best they can be, who is inspiring us?  Are we so bogged down with ‘life’ that we sometimes forget to stop and listen to our unconscious mind? We have all the answers we need, we simply don’t sit still long enough to hear!  Here’s what I do when I need a little inspiration for my business and/or my life. …

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Are you aware of your head tapes?

Every morning when you awake, you are likely to have a ‘start’ button that you press which will commence all the internal messages you give yourself during the course of the day, until you go to sleep that night and press the ‘stop’ button. Are you consciously aware of what these messages are, where they came from and how they may be impacting on your life? Most of the messages that people give themselves will have originated in some way from their childhood.  They will come from throw away comments …

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Getting clear on values: What do you stand for?

Ask yourself this question: “What do I stand for in life?” If I were to ask your colleagues, friends and family to tell me the three things you represent in life, what would they say? What do you want to be remembered for, how are you going to leave your dent in the Universe? If you are having problems answering these questions, really sit down and give yourself some time to think through what is important to you in life.  Because, if you don’t know your values, you will never …

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Success! What are you so afraid of?

Fear of success or fear of failure?  Most people, if asked, would automatically say they have a fear of failure. But in my experience, it’s fear of success that paralyses most people. On the face of it, this appears counter intuitive. Surely, if we run our own businesses or work within an organisation, we have the drive, ambition and vision to be as successful as we can be? No-one consciously sets out to fail, that’s just bonkers. However, it can be our inner ‘head tapes’ that will stop us. Our head tapes being those …

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