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Sean D’Souza is a cartoonist, marketing guru, expert on sales psychology, professional copywriter, and a business consultant based in Auckland, New Zealand. He writes helpful and informative articles on various article directories and for his clients. In his career, Sean has launched multiple books, and a couple of high-end websites. http://www.psychotactics.com

Mona Lisa Your Branding

Have you mistakenly trained your branding to fall over and play dead? Do you know how to use psychology to create branding that lights up with the voltage of a thousand neon bulbs? And can you play Scrooge with your budget, yet get huge branding mileage? And if so, how? Read on and find out how you can be a Leonardo Da Vinci with your brand! It’s Raining 3000+ Messages a Day! I have a friend. Let’s call him Eugene. Partly because that’s his real name. Eugene positions himself as …

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Friday Favourites: When Do You Stop Marketing To Customers?

Are you afraid of alienating your customer with your marketing? Do you always feel like a stranger in their inbox? Do you have marketing strategies specifically designed to tell you when to keep marketing, and when to stop? Well, stop looking so puzzled. In the marketing article below, I’m going to bring home to you exactly how to join the dots. You will learn just how much to market, and when to stop. Yes, it is a science and marketing strategy, and it applies to online as well as offline …

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Why We Struggle With Learning New Skills

There are two ways to learn something You learn it. OR you unlearn and then learn. As you’d have worked out, the second way is a lot harder. To learn means to have little or no fear To unlearn means to erase the fear, and then put in confidence. This requires twice the effort and builds twice the pressure. And pressure doesn’t teach you much at all. In fact, pressure tears you down. People say: “Oh pressure is great to get things done” And they’re right. It’s great to get …

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Why You Lose Focus: How “Brain Maps” Play Their Role

I remember sitting in a queue at JFK airport in New York waiting to take off As I sat in the plane, I could see our plane stuck behind about six or eight other planes.
 They were all waiting to take off. And as we waited the weather conditions changed, causing the planes to keep taxiing till they got the right runway for takeoff. The control tower kept moving the planes to the best

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The Fundamental Flaw in Creating Your Uniqueness (USP)

“Say cheese”, says the person behind the camera. And you say cheese. Your facial muscles are frozen. You have a dumb, goofy look. And under your breath you’re muttering, “C’mon Take the picture, take the picture, c’monnnn!” Click! You blink. The picture’s been taken. And then the photographer runs across to you, all excited to show the nice digital photo. You take a look, you roll your eyes. You cringe. Because you just detest the photo. It looks artificial. It looks posed. It’s not you. It looks like all those …

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Can your Powerpoint presentation rival TV advertising?

Do you ever wonder why some PowerPoint Presentations are so much better than others? Why do some have amazing powers of persuasion, while others simply bore you to death? TV commercials use these marketing strategies to hold and fascinate their viewers. You can too, if you follow these tried and proven techniques. Step 1: Kaboom Them Into Waking Up! Ever noticed how most presentations start with, “Welcome to this presentation…blah, blah, blah.” You don’t see too many TV ads do that. They slam into you at a zillion

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Like a virgin: Is your marketing as fresh as Madonna’s?

‘Touched for the very first time’ Call it what you want, but few pop stars and fewer businesses have understood the intricacies of Madonna’s genius of reinvention and the inevitable end of the business cycle. Learn from the branding expert. While Madonna soars, everyone else seems to stumble, bumble and disappear down a deep, dark hole. So, what is it about Madonna Incorporated that has allowed it to consistently reap profits for over 18 years on the trot? And is there something we in business can learn about

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Never Trust a ‘Silent’ Customer

Do you have customers that leave suddenly? You were doing an outstanding job for them, lavishing them with truckloads of service and yet they disappeared without a word. The key operating factor here is ‘without a word.’ That’s the scary part! The silent ones are always the most dangerous. If you would like to learn how to keep your customers, you’ve first got to

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Ways to avoid brand suicide

A graphic designer spoke to me last week. His graphic design firm — let’s call it XYZ Design — was numero uno in designing labels for a large wine company. Let’s call that ABC Wines. Now ABC wines had some really super wines. They loved the incomparable graphic design of XYZ design, and continued to use them for several of their major brands. This one client alone generated tons of work and income for XYZ design right through the year. Then It Happened… ABC Wines sold out to another wine …

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