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Brian Mayne Goal Mapping Replay

Brian Mayne is a bit of a goal setting guru. We did this great webinar with him and he was kind enough to allow us to include it in our Webinar Series.

In this webinar Brian shares:

1. How to develop your natural ability to set goals
2 How to tune your beliefs to release your potential
3. The Goal Mapping system that will powerfully impact your goals upon your subconscious

The first 40 minutes of the webinar are context setting about the importance of goal setting and how it works within our brains.

If you want to cut to the chase and just see about how Goal Mapping works, this starts at around the 40 minute mark.  It is also worth listening to the Q&A as there is some really great stuff in there!

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You can download a copy of the slides here.

You can sign up for Brian’s free Goal Mapping software at www.liftinternational.com and www.goalmappingonline.com

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