Monday April 27, 2015
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Motivation Monday: Have you mastered your passion?


When we bring our passion to life and go into business so that we can ‘live the thing’ that we’re passionate about, we sometimes forget the level of skill that’s required to fulfil our ambitions. The new credo is ‘it doesn’t have to be perfect – just get it shipped’ but sometimes we just need a little push to take us to the next level, where we find that we’re capable of more mastery than we ever imagined. Sit back, take a break and ‘watch Japanese yo-yo world champion BLACK tell the ... Read More »

A look back at the women who pioneered the female ‘start-up’


Sometimes we need to look back to look forward. In this TED Talk, Dame Stephanie Shirley gives us insight into a time when being a successful woman in business went against the grain, and how things have changed dramatically for women wanting to start their own enterprise. So if you think you’re up against it, and are looking for inspiration, listen in to the kinds of challenges she faced when starting out. ‘Dame Stephanie Shirley – the most successful tech entrepreneur you never heard of. In the 1960s, she founded a ... Read More »

Raising your profile with the ‘right’ trade shows


Trade shows can generally be a bit of a waste of time… BUT choose your event wisely, and plan properly, and it can be time well spent raising your profile, making contacts, and generating new leads. We have probably all been on the receiving end of an approach from the smooth salesman who phones out of the blue, uses our name just a few too many times (you know the ones), and offers us a free space at the perfect event. But are trade shows the right channel for our ... Read More »

Why using LinkedIn will help you grow your business


Did you know that LinkedIn has over 347 million users and every second two new people sign up to join the network? That’s a lot of people, providing a lot of potential opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their operations. So how effectively are you using LinkedIn? Can you imagine what your business would be like if you were able to capitalise on even a sliver of that potential? So often I see business owners dismiss LinkedIn because they think it’s only for people in the ‘corporate’ ... Read More »

Workshop: Your Online Marketing MasterPlan


All new content… The internet is an incredible marketing tool for your business.  It offers so much opportunity.  But all that opportunity can also be overwhelming.  There are so many options and choices and ways for marketing your business that it’s easy to spread yourself too thinly, or not do anything at all because you don’t know what is going to work, what is right for you and what is right for your business. Also the internet and online marketing is changing so rapidly that it can be difficult to keep ... Read More »

Take yourself out of your business for one day!


You may often hear people like me (aka Business Coaches and the like) banging on about the need to spend more time working ON your business and less time working in it. But just what does that mean? What exactly should you be doing in that time working ON your business? Firstly, it definitely doesn’t meaning spending an hour or so on social media, reading newsfeeds, sharing funny quotes and re-tweeting other people’s content. As a general rule of thumb, working ON your business is about working on longer term ... Read More »

10 Easy steps for sales success


Getting sales is so easy, right? After all, you’ve got a great product or service that you’ve poured your heart and soul into, which works like a dream and offers fantastic value to everyone… Trouble is, getting sales actually isn’t easy – is it? Because having all of the above doesn’t guarantee people will be queuing round the block. Finding the right people to buy from you at the right price is an art. It’s a subtle blend of getting many things right, with a healthy dose of good old fashioned ... Read More »

5 Alternatives to discounting your price


And protecting your business profitability! Despite reports of greater economic confidence, customers are still incredibly cost-savvy and careful what they spend their money on. So how do you defend your prices against those pushing you to discount? Historically we Brits haven’t been up for haggling and pushing down prices. It’s not really in our nature and traditionally we’ve often walked away from a purchase rather than negotiate the price down (the famous sketch in Monty Python’s Life of Brian is always a good reminder of this). The past recession, and ... Read More »

Want to make a difference? WU is on the lookout for guest contributors


Women Unlimited are always on the lookout for guest contributors to write interesting articles that will inspire, educate and motivate our wonderful community. We are now looking for women ‘who have run’ or ‘who are currently running’ successful businesses and are happy to write a monthly article for us. The following list will give you an idea of the types of articles we are looking for: Q&A’s – ‘In my business I always get asked (xyz) and then go ahead and answer the question How To’s – Practical advice our community can implement and test ... Read More »

We’re declaring this Easter a pyjama holiday!


Happy Easter to you and your loved ones! This Easter give yourself permission to slow down and take some time to breathe. Easter means different things to different people, but along side the celebrations it’s a chance to regain a sense of peace, and an opportunity to nourish your mind, body and soul. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, turn off the phone and the gadgets, put on the PJ’s and spend the day exactly how you want, remember what it’s like to just daydream and feel the day pass by. Go take a walk in the forest ... Read More »

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