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Ep #26: Small business marketing strategies with Dee Blick

Dee Blick Marketing book

In episode 26 of Micro Entrepreneur: the magic of starting small, I had a great time continuing my conversation with Dee Blick, best-selling author, speaker and small business marketing guru. Dee is a Chartered Marketer, CIM Fellow, blogger, columnist and writes for many magazines. She has 31 years experience in marketing, copywriting and public speaking. This is the 2nd part of Dee’s interview and today we’re talking about the great small business marketing strategies Dee has implemented for herself, and for other business owners. If you missed last week’s podcast you can catch it here, where we ... Read More »

A gift that costs you nothing but makes a huge difference

T Sandeman Charles Save 5

Today’s post is written with great sadness.  Today I heard the news that T. Sandeman Charles passed away as a result of having two incurable lung diseases.  T was an inspiration to everyone who knew her.  She shared her story at our Thrive conference in 2012 and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. T was not someone to take her disease lying down.  When she found out that she had a terminal illness, instead of accepting it and feeling sorry for herself, she decided to take action and used all ... Read More »

Book Love: ‘So we leaned in…now what?’


You may remember Julie’s great review last year of Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead Now, further down the track, we have Sheryl back on the TEDWomen stage, being interviewed by Pat Mitchell about what she has learned since her Ted Talk and the book’s publication. If the book has had an impact on you and your life please share in the comments, we’d love to hear from you! Sheryl Sandberg admits she was terrified to step onto the TED stage in 2010 — ... Read More »

The No 1 thing business owners would hate you to know!


Want to know one of the biggest issues which many small businesses are dealing with right now? The answer may surprise you, as it’s something that’s rarely talked about. It’s like a shameful secret that lots of business owners are hiding away because they’re worried people will think they’re not running their business effectively. The unspoken shame is OUTSTANDING INVOICES Having done the work, you’ve not been paid, and it’s now starting to feel really uncomfortable. What should you do next? Cashflow is most definitely king in your business, and ... Read More »

Ready for a ‘real’ detox? It’s all in your mind!


When marketers target us with ads, talking about ‘our busy lifestyle’, I sometimes think we’re supposed to feel flattered. They assume we’re busy 21st century multi-taskers, running successful businesses, raising well-rounded children, engaging in stimulating relationships, and in our spare time, baking dinky macaroons. Or maybe they want us to think that’s what other people are doing, and consequently ask ourselves ‘why aren’t we?’ Of course we can aspire to this desirable state, and pretend we’ve made it, by buying their ready to cook meals, the latest 5-door hatchback or a designer handbag (complete with pockets for ... Read More »

Ep #25: Writing and marketing a best selling book with Dee Blick

Dee Blick write a bestseller

In episode 25 of Micro Entrepreneur: the magic of starting small, I had a great time talking with Dee Blick, best-selling author, speaker and small business marketing guru. Dee is a Chartered Marketer, CIM Fellow, blogger, columnist and writes for many magazines. She has 31 years experience in marketing, copywriting and public speaking. Dee’s interview spans 2 podcasts. This week we’re talking about her fantastic new book ‘The Ultimate Guide to Writing and Marketing a Bestselling Book on a Shoestring Budget’; and then next week we’ll be discussing the great marketing strategies Dee has implemented over the ... Read More »

The secret sauce to selling on social media without selling


Imagine the scene. Thousands of people in one place, socialising, enjoying some light relief, looking to be educated, entertained and informed. There’s a real buzz. It’s an exciting sensory overload of people, noise, colour, music and creativity. Competing for attention. Jostling for position. All wanting to be heard! I’m talking about social media, right? Actually, it’s the Edinburgh Festival, where we enjoyed our annual fun-packed festival extravaganza back in August. Selling might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you visit the Edinburgh Festival, but the similarity ... Read More »

New! Got a burning business question: We want to hear from you!


Recently Julie and I were talking about all the fabulous women who make up the Women Unlimited community and how much collective expertise there is. So we thought, why not ask some of our super successful women to grab a question and answer it online so everyone can share in their knowledge and experience. So here’s where you come in… Got a Burning Business Question? Send it to me at and every week we’ll pick the best question and have one of our subject matter experts answer it for ... Read More »

Want to know the secret to sustaining a positive mindset?


Running a business can be a rocky ride sometimes. Your self-belief will be put to the test, things won’t always go to plan, and there will inevitably be days when you wonder if it would just be easier to pack it all in and get a job. Trust me. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to have days when your va va voom does a vanishing act. Developing a successful business is reliant on so many factors that it can feel overwhelming sometimes…how you market yourself, how you ... Read More »

Ep #24: How to lose the overwhelm and become a productivity ninja with Grace Marshall


In episode 24 of Micro Entrepreneur: the magic of thinking small, I had a great time talking with Grace Marshall about the strategies you can use as a micro-entrepreneur, to help you become more productive, more focussed and happier with your choices. This week’s guest Grace Marshall is head coach and chief encourager at and author of the Amazon bestselling 21 Ways to Manage the Stuff That Sucks Up Your Time. She is also a Productivity Ninja with Think Productive one of the UK’s leading productivity training companies. Grace admits she’s not a naturally organized person. ... Read More »

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