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Thinking about getting onto the professional speaker’s circuit? Tips to get started…

We asked Jonathan Curran, Founder of Promotivate Speakers Agency, to give us some insight into the world of ‘women who have become professional speakers’. He tells us; On the surface, public and keynote speaking appears to be a very male dominated environment and I often get asked; Is speaking a man’s world that lacks space for women? Is there real opportunity and demand for female speakers? Can you earn a living as a female professional speaker? Maybe you aspire to be like Tony Robbin’s who is regarded by many as the world’s leading public …

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Struggling with your business plans for 2015? Start with ‘why’

It’s a new start to a new year and many of you will be wrestling with ideas and business plans for 2015 and beyond. You want to put your best foot forward when it comes to your messaging, your marketing, branding and the actions that are going to turn your objectives into reality. Regardless of whether you’re just starting out, or whether you’re refining, reinventing or topping up plans for an already successful business; Simon Sinek’s iconic video Start with Why, will give you enough inspiration to take you through to 2016! Simon’s key …

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The Secret to Success? Just be You.

Do you want to be your amazing self, share your unique talents with the world, get paid lots of money for it and be completely happy as a result? Then follow this path to success. The woman sat across the expansive, wooden desk from me, preparing to ask her final interview question.  “So Jenny,” she inquired, looking at me over the top rim of her glasses, “where do you see yourself in five years?” As soon as she asked it, I fought the urge to cringe outwardly. Instead, I maintained …

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Marketing: Getting back to basics

Amongst other more lengthy descriptions, the Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as “The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably”.  It’s all about getting the right product or service, to the right people, at the right time, in a way that suits them and is at a mutually beneficial price. Without proper marketing it’s difficult for a business to get close to its customers and give them what they want. The good news is that many small businesses are already applying the basic marketing principles …

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How to win your dream client with the perfect pitch

It’s the big moment where you’ve finally got yourself in front of the decision makers at your dream clients. You have time to give a short presentation and you know that the next few minutes are crucial for whether you leave the would-be client with a sense of ‘Wow!’ or a sense of ‘Oh.’ So how do you pitch to win? For many women entrepreneurs the idea of asking for money for what we do seems terrifying. Then combine that with the terror of giving a presentation and you’ve got …

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Stressing about your website

Stressing about your website? Read these 3 tips and feel better, ahhh.

Your website. That all important representation of you, on the web. I bet there are things you would like to change about it if you could. If you had the budget, or the time, or you could just do it yourself quickly, wave a magic website wand – you would go and tweak and fix a whole load of little niggly things that are bugging you. Some websites are really bad – so bad I would put them in a box labelled “lost causes” or better yet, take them off the …

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Expert Interviewer

How to become an expert interviewer and grow your biz!

Whether you are blogging to build your brand, keeping abreast of thought leadership in your field, or trying to break into podcasting—you can’t afford not to become a skillful interviewer. The best interviewers make it look so easy. Larry King comes to mind—probing what made Brando tick (and even getting the inscrutable Hollywood icon to plant a kiss on his cheek). And then there’s Oprah, who makes interviewing seem like half cocktail party schmooze and half spiritual journey.  Interviewing—an art that was once the exclusive province of career journalists and …

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Business of style

The business of style: 8 no fail tips for busy women

Easy, stylish dressing is never an accident. We all dream of getting up in the morning, selecting a beautifully flattering, stylish, comfortable outfit, perfect for our day, in under 5 minutes. But, that’s just not how it happens… for anyone. Style success, just like your success in business, takes forward-planning, research and strategic action! Just not as much as you might think. By knowing where to focus and taking just a few minutes here and there, making some small tweaks, you will get big returns! Saving you time, money and …

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Stressed businesswoman

How effective are you in your Biz? The 7 keys to ‘less is more’

With apps, IT and gadget wizardry to help, we’ve all become obsessed with juggling as many balls in the air as we can. But are we any more effective at getting things done than previous generations? And is this really helping our businesses? Did you see the programme before Christmas which went behind the scenes of the iconic London hotel Claridge’s? An interview with one of their regular guests got me thinking. Faster but not necessarily better This particular guest goes to Claridge’s every day for breakfast (lucky him) but …

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Manifesting Business Resources

7 Steps to manifest the business resources you need in 2013

“So what’s holding you back?” I asked. There was a cold silence on the other end of the line. Eventually a sigh, and a resigned voice spoke: “Well, it all comes down to a lack of money. If I had more money I would invest in advertising. I could buy that course that will teach me how to monetize Face book, and if I had more money coming in I would feel more confident, and so I think I would attract clients better than I’m doing right now.” This was …

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