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Friday Fav’s

What if you were wrong about marketing?

Lately, I’ve been playing the “what if you were wrong” game with my coaching clients. It goes like this: Client: Jane at XYZ Company hasn’t called me back. They must not want to hire me. C.J.: What if you were wrong about that? Client: Hmm, maybe I should call her and ask what’s up? In this example, a moment’s consideration about the possibility that his thinking might be off base transformed my client’s discouraged paralysis into productive action. Examining where you might be wrong about marketing can be an extremely …

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Kiva: business success in the developing world

There are lots of ways to make a difference to someone’s life in the developing world: clean, safe water; vaccinations against diseases such as typhoid and malaria; literacy and numeracy; and food to ensure their survival. A micro-loan from an organisation such as Kiva can make all the difference to people in the developing world: income from a small but successful enterprise can pay for education, food and shelter. Here, we will look at 8 successful female entrepreneurs who helped create their businesses with Kiva. Who are Kiva? One of …

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Friday Faves: How much do you love your prospects?

Does it seem strange to use the word love when referring to a business relationship? Substitute another word if you prefer — “like,” for example, or “respect.” However you want to express it, the point is to consider how much you care about the people you sell to — their needs, goals, desires, concerns — all the elements of their lives that might be involved in their decision about whether to buy from you. How will I know…? If you don’t love your prospects, they will know it. We’ve all …

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Friday Favourites: When Do You Stop Marketing To Customers?

Are you afraid of alienating your customer with your marketing? Do you always feel like a stranger in their inbox? Do you have marketing strategies specifically designed to tell you when to keep marketing, and when to stop? Well, stop looking so puzzled. In the marketing article below, I’m going to bring home to you exactly how to join the dots. You will learn just how much to market, and when to stop. Yes, it is a science and marketing strategy, and it applies to online as well as offline …

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