Thursday January 29, 2015
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Is branding really essential for a business as small as mine?


In my business, I always get asked…What is branding and is it really essential for a business as small as mine? When small business owners approach me after hearing that I’m a Branding Consultant, they will often ask me to design a logo for them or re-design their website. ‘But they are just visual representations of your brand you understand?’ I say ‘What’s your strategy, what’s your brand all about?’ To which I’m often met with blank faces. Coming from a corporate background myself, having worked for some of London’s ... Read More »

How to create the right route-map for your 2015 marketing journey


As we say goodbye to the delights of Christmas and look ahead to the fresh and exciting possibilities of the New Year, many minds turn to planning. The festive break has hopefully recharged and refreshed us, and for some, there’s now an eagerness to create a better outcome in the year ahead. In terms of our businesses, that may mean winning more customers, generating better quality or more profitable sales, or simply protecting the customers we have. And in selecting that overarching goal for our 2015 horizon, we’ll also have ... Read More »

The secret sauce to selling on social media without selling


Imagine the scene. Thousands of people in one place, socialising, enjoying some light relief, looking to be educated, entertained and informed. There’s a real buzz. It’s an exciting sensory overload of people, noise, colour, music and creativity. Competing for attention. Jostling for position. All wanting to be heard! I’m talking about social media, right? Actually, it’s the Edinburgh Festival, where we enjoyed our annual fun-packed festival extravaganza back in August. Selling might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you visit the Edinburgh Festival, but the similarity ... Read More »

Why testimonials are business gold: and how they can do your marketing for you!


Want marketing to feel easier? Let’s get testimonials doing the work for you. Testimonials are golden Whether you’re still in the early days of business and have only worked with one practice client, or whether you’ve served hundreds of happy clients, testimonials are one of the most important pieces of marketing copy to get up on your site. Do this as soon as possible, do it in the right way, and testimonials can be doing a lot of the marketing work for you. A great testimonial can move a potential ... Read More »

Pitching for new business? Avoid these 3 common mistakes


Pitching for new work is an expensive business activity. Done well (and to have a decent chance of success), it requires a lot of time, a lot of effort and can take people’s focus away from other important areas of the business for an intense and possibly prolonged period. When you tot up the time (and money) businesses invest in participating in pitches, it’s an expensive activity to undertake. Of course the winnings justify that effort and expense, I hear you say. And yes that can be right – if ... Read More »

The Art of Selling: Why you should ‘still’ be selling after the sale (part 3)


Every successful entrepreneur or small business owner, knows that once the sale has been made the next step is crucial. Why? Because the majority of service and product providers believe that once the sale has been made, the selling element is finished and now it’s all about delivery. But that’s not the case Without doubt, the delivery of your service or performance of your product is extremely important, but the fact remains that the selling process is still going on. The aspect that often gets overlooked in all this, is ... Read More »

Listen up! The number one reason you’re not getting face-to-face sales

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No one wants what you sell. Honestly. No one truly wants a coach, an interior designer or a VA. No one wants a yoga teacher, a photographer or a lawyer. If you’ve been in business a while, you’ll have been told plenty of times that you should be selling a dream or a vision. You don’t sell an interior design, you sell a dream of a home. You don’t sell legal contracts, you sell peace of mind. But why is it so hard to do? It’s because everyones dream is ... Read More »

The art of selling: How to have the sales conversation (part 2)


Did you know that just 2% of business owners close a sale the very first time they meet a potential client? The other 98% discover that clients make a purchase only after some degree of know, like and trust has been established. Savvy business owners recognise they need to learn more about their future clients, and be open to helping them solve some of their issues, before working with them as a paid client. This is a much more effective method of engaging potential clients in conversation, because it involves ... Read More »

What you need to master the sales process


I had read many books, invested (heavily) in seminars and sales training, and yet selling still felt awkward, clumsy and – on my worst days – vaguely desperate. Fast forward a year and I’m confidently negotiating mid-5-figure contracts with corporate clients. What changed? My mindset. My story might be very different to yours. I run a service based business in an industry I had no prior experience of, and no relevant network in. I started from scratch, in the recession, in London – the other side of the world from ... Read More »

The art of selling: How to kick-start your sales process – New 3 part series!


It may not surprise you to know, that there is a process behind effective selling, but would it surprise you to know there is also a process involved in preparing to sell? Some business owners jump right into the selling process without doing the preliminary work that helps maximise their chances of success. At times this hasty approach can work, but for the most part, it will be bound to fail. The simple fact is, no one will buy from you if they don’t want what you’re selling or believe ... Read More »

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