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Achieve brand fabulousness without spending loads of money!

The challenge Achieve brand fabulousness without spending loads of money. Your budget (and time) is limited. The solution for success Don’t focus on what you can’t afford and instead follow these 5 MicroEntrepreneur-friendly tips to get started on a brand that you (and your audience) will soon begin to know and love. Begin with a simple message Call me old-fashioned, but when it comes to building a fabulous brand, I’m not much for the overly-fussy or over-produced messaging. Just like a successful entrepreneur needs to clear the clutter to focus …

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Packing a bigger punch: A checklist for collaborating successfully with another business

If the last recession did one good thing, it was to prompt many small business collaborations. These businesses joined forces to create more substantial and attractive offerings to rival the bigger players. Collaboration with another business certainly brings many great benefits to a small company. These include accessing a bigger customer pot and pooling resources to secure greater buying power for marketing elements such as advertising. It also enables small businesses to combine forces to create broader and more attractive product or service packages, offers or promotions. These help them …

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Raising your profile with the ‘right’ trade shows

Trade shows can generally be a bit of a waste of time… BUT choose your event wisely, and plan properly, and it can be time well spent raising your profile, making contacts, and generating new leads. We have probably all been on the receiving end of an approach from the smooth salesman who phones out of the blue, uses our name just a few too many times (you know the ones), and offers us a free space at the perfect event. But are trade shows the right channel for our …

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Why using LinkedIn will help you grow your business

Did you know that LinkedIn has over 347 million users and every second two new people sign up to join the network? That’s a lot of people, providing a lot of potential opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their operations. So how effectively are you using LinkedIn? Can you imagine what your business would be like if you were able to capitalise on even a sliver of that potential? So often I see business owners dismiss LinkedIn because they think it’s only for people in the ‘corporate’ …

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10 Easy steps for sales success

Getting sales is so easy, right? After all, you’ve got a great product or service that you’ve poured your heart and soul into, which works like a dream and offers fantastic value to everyone… Trouble is, getting sales actually isn’t easy – is it? Because having all of the above doesn’t guarantee people will be queuing round the block. Finding the right people to buy from you at the right price is an art. It’s a subtle blend of getting many things right, with a healthy dose of good old fashioned …

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DIY PR with Colette Ballou: Don’t miss this!

Here is a great video by Colette Ballou – President of Ballou PR. Colette was awarded the title of most Inspiring Fifty Women in EU Tech. Ballou PR has offices in London, Paris and Berlin; each one opened by Colette herself. Whilst Colette’s message is for tech start-ups the advice she gives works for anyone wondering how on earth they can DIY their PR. Don’t miss this – she seems so natural and humble – a real entrepreneur. One of her top tips! Tell the truth and everything will work …

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Lead magnets – What are they and why every small business should have one

If you’re building your mailing list you need an incentive to encourage people to join your list. That incentive is called a Lead Magnet (because it attracts leads!). Other names are “opt-in incentive”, “freebie” or opt-in giveaway”. It’s something of value that you offer in exchange for a prospects’ email address. The days of sticking a “Sign up for my newsletter” form on your home page and expecting people to sign up are long gone. The bar has been raised much higher and, as you know with the increasing volume …

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Brand story: ‘Once upon a time…’

Every brand has a story. A tale of how it came to be, the person behind the logo, its history, how it grew, its ups and downs, etc. A story can be compelling, interesting, some have even had TV series or films made out of them (I’m thinking Mr Selfridge or the story behind Apple). Many have used their story to great effect, so much so, that it’s become intertwined with the brand itself. But a brand story is more than just the company history. It’s a narrative, yes, but it …

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Need more sales? Leave no stone unturned!

Being an entrepreneur in any field is likely to be very challenging, and while it can often be hugely rewarding; there will be times when it gets seriously tough. For many of us, the toughest of times will be when we’re struggling to generate the kind of sales we want and need, in order to keep our ambitions alive. Even when you’re absolutely confident in what you have to offer and the way you deliver your services, times when sales aren’t coming your way can be disconcerting to say the least. …

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Why going vertical is the most effective way of marketing!

When you’re working hard to build up your business, it’s normal to believe that you need as many people as possible to know about you. You spend time, energy and money telling everyone about your offerings, going to dozens of networking events, being on as many different social platforms as you can stomach. You’re trying to get “out there”, aiming for as many people as possible to have heard of your name and your business. And you might notice this starts to feel exhausting, or like you’re spreading yourself too …

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