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Lead magnets – What are they and why every small business should have one


If you’re building your mailing list you need an incentive to encourage people to join your list. That incentive is called a Lead Magnet (because it attracts leads!). Other names are “opt-in incentive”, “freebie” or opt-in giveaway”. It’s something of value that you offer in exchange for a prospects’ email address. The days of sticking a “Sign up for my newsletter” form on your home page and expecting people to sign up are long gone. The bar has been raised much higher and, as you know with the increasing volume ... Read More »

Brand story: ‘Once upon a time…’

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Every brand has a story. A tale of how it came to be, the person behind the logo, its history, how it grew, its ups and downs, etc. A story can be compelling, interesting, some have even had TV series or films made out of them (I’m thinking Mr Selfridge or the story behind Apple). Many have used their story to great effect, so much so, that it’s become intertwined with the brand itself. But a brand story is more than just the company history. It’s a narrative, yes, but it ... Read More »

Need more sales? Leave no stone unturned!


Being an entrepreneur in any field is likely to be very challenging, and while it can often be hugely rewarding; there will be times when it gets seriously tough. For many of us, the toughest of times will be when we’re struggling to generate the kind of sales we want and need, in order to keep our ambitions alive. Even when you’re absolutely confident in what you have to offer and the way you deliver your services, times when sales aren’t coming your way can be disconcerting to say the least. ... Read More »

Why going vertical is the most effective way of marketing!


When you’re working hard to build up your business, it’s normal to believe that you need as many people as possible to know about you. You spend time, energy and money telling everyone about your offerings, going to dozens of networking events, being on as many different social platforms as you can stomach. You’re trying to get “out there”, aiming for as many people as possible to have heard of your name and your business. And you might notice this starts to feel exhausting, or like you’re spreading yourself too ... Read More »

Is it time to put your customer experience to the test?


There are very few businesses who don’t have competitors; and so many businesses charge similar prices for similar products and services. So why would a customer choose you over a rival? It’s the experience that buying from ‘you’ brings. The more positive that experience; the more likely they will be, to buy from you again. And in a world where social proof and reviews are featuring more in purchasing decisions, delivering a good customer experience (as reported by your customers) can help influence others to come your way. But what exactly are the pieces ... Read More »

Customer avatars: Do you know who you’re talking to?


Do you know the things in life they’re hoping for? If not, why not? Having a complete picture of a specific ‘ideal customer’, or persona, can help you to develop the right products and services just for them. If you know exactly who it is that you are dealing with, your business can be much more strategic in its approach to catering for their needs. Understanding their values, and what drives them, will make it easier to present them with solutions that fit their daily lives. Basically, you want to ... Read More »

How to get your ideas to spread: Seth Godin


In this video, a TED Talk for entrepreneurs, Seth Godin reminds us that in order to stand out we need to be ‘remarkable’ Be remarkable. Safe is risky. Being very good is one of the worst things you can do. Everyone has heard the expression “The best thing since sliced bread” but did you know that for 15 years after sliced bread was invented it wasn’t popular? The success of sliced bread, like the success of anything, was less about the product and more about whether or not you could get ... Read More »

Getting your marketing right – the first time!


In our digital age of engagement and two-way conversation, many small and micro-business owners recognise the need for marketing to create a strong brand presence and promote their business. Maybe you are currently at this stage yourself, where the referrals – which have provided you with the vast majority of your business to date – have started to dry up? Maybe you’ve reached the tough decision to leave your local networking group as you’re not meeting as many new customers as you’d like? Or maybe you are doing a roaring ... Read More »

You want to win more business – so what are you so afraid of?

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Unless you are a time-served, battle-hardened sales person, there is a good chance you will have struggled at various points in time, to overcome your fear of rejection when it comes to sales meetings. It might be difficult to admit, but there are plenty of times when ‘us small business professionals’ allow sales opportunities to slip away, because we’d rather move past any potential awkwardness and get ready to tackle a new challenge somewhere else. Tough at the top And this isn’t just a problem for small business operators or ... Read More »

Want to market effectively? Here’s the one person you must meet


There is a seemingly endless list of action steps you can take to market your business. From adding content to your website, to growing your email list, from posting on LinkedIn, to following more people on Twitter, from designing flyers, to attending networking events and from blogging to uploading videos, there are never going to be enough hours in the day to get everything done that could be done. But rather than adding even more to your marketing To Do list, there’s a smarter way to focus your marketing efforts. ... Read More »

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