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Forget the ‘shoulds’ and focus on the wants

Today I was working with a coaching client who is at a crossroads and unsure what direction to take. We all have those moments in our lives where that question arises ‘ what do you want?’ It often seems far easier to know what we don’t want. Or if it is what we want, somehow we are holding back. Perhaps you’ve started your business after being made redundant, or you’ve been in business for a while and now you’re wondering about your next step. As Lewis Carroll wrote, ‘if you don’t know …

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Is conflict is an inevitable consequence of business

With so many factors and variables in the mix, from internal and 3rd party dependencies, to technology and the pressure of client deadlines and paying the bills, conflict will always rear its ugly head from time to time. But, do you ever find yourself experiencing the same kind of draining disagreements or bad feeling? Because if your life sometimes feels like you’re stuck in ‘ground hog day’, then I’m going to share one of the best pieces of psychology I’ve ever found, that can help you. It’s so simple and …

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Growing your business is a lot like training!

Do you swing between feeling good and challenged in your business? Here’s how to keep them both in balance. Lift.  Relax.  Lift.  Relax. If you spend any time in a gym, you’ll have seen how weightlifters train. It’s a gradual, conscious process of slowly building up strength through challenge and release. It’s that combination that allows the muscle to regenerate and grow stronger. However, if you over-challenge that muscle before it’s ready, it gives up. If you attempt an Olympic weight when you’ve just lifted your first 20kg, you’ll risk long-term …

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‘The Leader Inside’ – skills and strengths that make women excellent entrepreneurs

In the past, business was viewed as very much a man’s world, but as opportunities for women in the workplace have expanded, female entrepreneurs have started to seize the initiative and make their presence felt. Indeed, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor there were an estimated 126 million women starting or running new businesses around the world in 2012. Meanwhile, 98 million female entrepreneurs were in charge of established companies and 48 million women business owners employed one or more people in their companies. It’s not surprising that women are …

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Generate your ‘own’ creative solutions

So are you following the top five actions of successful leaders, making sure you use the top six tools to measure your impact on social media, practicing the seven habits of highly effective people? It’s enough to put you off isn’t it? I want to learn and develop and grow my business, to be successful on my own terms, so I do take an interest in my learning. What I notice however, is a plethora of emails and tweets and articles about what you need to do to be successful. …

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Does the success of your business depend on you?

For many of us, we are our business – whether we call ourselves the business owner, director or solopreneur, we are the person that makes the difference. So how could you impact your business success if you recognized and developed your leadership potential? Your reluctance to increase your prices, the client who expects you to be available 24/7, the team member who is demotivated; these are all leadership issues. Effective leadership is key to the success of any enterprise and if you’re not leading your business then who is? None of …

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Self-talk yourself to success

Self talk has a really significant impact on our confidence and self esteem. It also has a huge impact on your happiness, and success. You may not think that you practice self talk. Perhaps when you think of self talk you imagine Beyonce or Victoria Beckham talking to themselves out loud, and it seems like a crazy, far-fetched thing to do. Maybe you haven’t heard of the term at all yet, but each moment of each day whether consciously or not, you have an inner dialogue running, talking to and …

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How emotionally intelligent are you?

Would you say you are a good judge of character, can you read other people’s facial expressions and when you’re upset do you always know the reason why? If the answer is yes, then you probably have a higher than average EQ, Emotional Quotient, the measure of Emotional Intelligence. However, if you find yourself like a fish out of water at social gatherings, are easily distracted and aren’t really interested in what other people are talking about, then you may have a lower than average EQ. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to …

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Getting the introvert, extrovert balance right in your business

In reality we all sit somewhere on the introvert – extrovert spectrum, and getting the balance right in your business can be a critical factor in achieving a successful business that you LOVE! Unfortunately for most of us, this just won’t be a factor we’ve had time to consider. When we work for other people we have little choice about our office environment, interactions or our work hours. It’s the reason why most of us have decided (or want) to get out of the corporate world and start our own …

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Show Your Inbox Who's Boss

How to deal with that ‘difficult’ client or colleague…

Do you work with someone who really presses your buttons? They take credit for others’ work, always find fault, are always talking about themselves; undermine you at every opportunity. Ring any bells? No matter how positive you might be feeling, they somehow manage to trigger you so that you end up feeling irritated, annoyed, withdrawn, upset. What if that person is a client? Or a team member you manage who never listens, or the supplier who wants to haggle over their price? Difficult people are everywhere! If we accept the …

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