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Starting your business

Having ideas is not my forte. Is it game over?

Hi I’m Nadia Finer. I’m an author, entrepreneur and business coach specialising in helping people like you start and grow their businesses. Whatever your big plans; from starting a consultancy, monetising your blog, or even bringing an invention to market – I can help. I’m here to answer your questions and to get you started here’s a curly question from one of our community members. Hi Nadia, can you help? I’m looking for an idea for my new business but I’m stuck. I sit there racking my brains, but I just can’t …

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Start your business the right way

7 success strategies to start your business the smart way

Starting your own business takes a big leap of faith, a touch of crazy and a lot of hard graft.  It’s terrifying, intimidating, invigorating and challenging all at the same time.  The statistics aren’t in our favour, we are still struggling to get ourselves out of this recession that started 5 years ago… BUT running your own business is AMAZING.  There is something really wonderful about being your own boss.  Taking control of your own destiny.  Being in charge of your own income stream. Is it easy? No – but ask …

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So you want to start a consulting business?

You’ve been working for 15 years in the same area, amassing a great depth of knowledge, expertise and wisdom in your field. You could stay in corporate, climbing the ladder, yet you know deep down that this isn’t really working for you anymore. You dream of more freedom, flexibility and control over your time and work life. You start to talk more earnestly to those consultants and suppliers you use for your work, wondering if you could do that too. Leaving your job to start your own business can be …

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Becoming an entrepreneur! Why do it?

Today we are sharing an infographic that was produced late last year – so it will be interesting to see how the stats compare at the end of 2013! ‘If you’re a budding entrepreneur or an existing self-starter, you’ll no doubt be interested in finding out what you can expect for the first 5 years in business, or how your venture compares with other start-ups. Our infographic below gives you the lowdown on what it’s like to be an entrepreneur – from how much holiday you could expect in the …

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Does your business need a compass?

Sometimes when we are running a micro business we don’t realise that creating a strong strategy is just as important for us as it is for big business.  Businesses grow and develop in many different ways.  Some business owners are super organised and spend 3 months planning their business, producing a 25 page business plan plus executive summary, 15 page marketing plan and 10 pages of financial documents; others launch their business without really thinking about where the money is going to come from or how they are going to …

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Key to successful home-based business

3 Keys to achieving massive success in your home business!

As part of my recent interview series with successful entrepreneurial women, I’ve asked over 30 women about the highs and lows of working from home and being the boss. What I heard was inspiring and definitely ‘real-world’ advice. No sugar-coating here then! So, how do you ensure massive success with your home business? Here are 3 key tips from women “doing it for themselves”   1. Establish a home/work boundary One of the biggest challenges my entrepreneurial mums faced was establishing the boundary between home and work. Physical boundaries are easier to establish, …

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Are unemployment figures a blip?

Are you worrying about the recession and the shrinking economy? Is that stopping you from starting or growing your own business? Figures out in August and September said that unemployment had slowed. Is this a blip or explainable? The news reporters are citing the Olympics, Jubilee and double Bank Holidays as a reason not to see the good news.  It has been reported that the growth in employment is actually across the country – not just London-centric. Small businesses adapt faster than big business I believe the growth can be …

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Running a craft business

Top 10 tips for running a craft business

1. Make a plan – then make it happen! Many business owners will say the key is in the planning and a craft business is no different. It’s quite common for crafters to develop a business out of their hobby and move quite naturally to selling, without really making a plan for how they are going to run the business. It is crucial to make a business plan, this will not only help with ensuring that your business meets all your obligations such as paying tax, insurance and meeting the needs of …

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Ready to start your business: think ahead!

Despite government initiatives to boost diversity in UK boardrooms – a survey conducted recently for accountancy giant Ernst & Young suggests that the number of women wanting to start their own businesses remains disappointingly low, whilst another report by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) suggests that men were more likely to show entrepreneurial attitudes than their female counterparts. The news is surprising as it comes at a time when almost 20% of working age adults in the UK are either working for themselves or think they may start their own business …

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6 Reasons why bootstrapping is best

If you love the idea of starting your own business but don’t have any funding, then bootstrapping is the answer. Starting a business on a shoestring is a great way to start working from home and create a new stream of income. “The feeblest excuse ever given by a would-be entrepreneur is that they can’t raise the start-up capital to get going.”  (Former Pizza Express chief executive and self-professed business maverick, Luke Johnson.) What is bootstrapping? Bootstrapping means literally to “pull yourself up by your boot straps”, a phrase that …

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