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T Sandeman Charles Save 5

A gift that costs you nothing but makes a huge difference

Today’s post is written with great sadness.  Today I heard the news that T. Sandeman Charles passed away as a result of having two incurable lung diseases.  T was an inspiration to everyone who knew her.  She shared her story at our Thrive conference in 2012 and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. T was not someone to take her disease lying down.  When she found out that she had a terminal illness, instead of accepting it and feeling sorry for herself, she decided to take action and used all …

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Why I closed the WU Business Clubs

For the last few years I have believed whole heartedly in the premise that if you risk nothing you gain nothing. Putting stuff out there and asking other people to buy it can be hard. Very hard.  It’s exposing. It’s challenging. It’s scary as hell sometimes. But without taking that chance, without taking that step… you will never know whether something is going to work or even be worthwhile.  I’m sharing this part of our journey with you because I think it’s important to share the lessons as well as the successes. I’m …

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Comic Relief: A social media case study for all the wrong reasons

The British public can be vicious and quick to act when they find out that someone has been pulling the wool over their eyes and today it is going to be Comic Relief’s turn. This morning we woke up to the news from the BBC that Comic Relief has been investing in Arms, Tobacco and Alcohol with £630,000 in shares in arms firm BAE Systems and more than £300,000 in alcohol manufacturer Diageo. Apparently, when we donate money to this worthy charity, they allocate the funds to their selected charities over …

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how to get more done

Always running out of time? 14 ways to get more done

I’m constantly battling with time.  There is never enough of it.  I always have multiple activities competing for it.  And once it is gone, I can never get it back again. These are my simple time management tips to help you be more productive in your day. Work to your natural rhythms Figure out when you are most productive and make sure that your schedule works to that.   Identify which activities fit best with your energy levels and build your schedule around that.   If you try and do …

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marketing talent

What is your marketing talent?

Everyone has one – but there is a good chance that you are not using yours to your full potential. To be a successful micro-entrepreneur you need to love marketing.  I mean really looooovvvvve marketing.  And sales.   If you’re not able to sell your product it’s going to be very difficult to grow your business.  However, it is one of the things that very few people think about when they’re setting up their new venture. They (we) have a tendency to get so excited about their ideas and their products, …

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get out of your own way

How are you getting in your own way?

About 5 years ago I remember standing up to ask a question at an open mic at a conference and my hands and voice were shaking so much that I looked and sounded like a tuning fork that had just been hit.  For those who have this problem, I wish I could tell you there was a magic formula to get over it and I’m sure there are some great courses that will help, but for me, the only answer answer was to do it again and again and again. …

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are you the mentor I'm looking for

Are you the mentor I’m looking for?

When I read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In, one of the areas that most stuck out for me was her discussion around mentoring. She talks in detail how important mentoring is and how challenging it is for many women to find mentors. Interestingly, one of the things that she is most criticised for in her book is how elitist she is because she had a mentor who was also the head of one of the colleges at Harvard when she attended, but clearly she has mastered the art of finding great mentors …

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Does your business need a compass?

Sometimes when we are running a micro business we don’t realise that creating a strong strategy is just as important for us as it is for big business.  Businesses grow and develop in many different ways.  Some business owners are super organised and spend 3 months planning their business, producing a 25 page business plan plus executive summary, 15 page marketing plan and 10 pages of financial documents; others launch their business without really thinking about where the money is going to come from or how they are going to …

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Amy Cuddy

How to fool your brain into thinking you’ve already won

Last week I shared my thoughts on Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In… and one of the key issues that many women have is lack of confidence.  As Sheryl says, they don’t put themselves forward, preferring to wait until they feel confident enough for whatever the task requires. In this video Amy Cuddy, shows both incredible vulnerability and honesty around when she didn’t feel like she was good enough (note she is now an Associate Professor at Harvard Business School) and some fantastic advice that she was given by one of …

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Maggie Semple: Dancer, Teacher, Inspiration

When I arranged to interview Maggie Semple, I had no idea what a force of nature she was.  She is frequently described as formidable, but I also found her style to be extremely gentle and gracious.  There is no way that she could have achieved all that she has without being formidable, but I love that she has not lost her feminine energy along the way. Maggie and her sister grew up as two black girls in London in the 60’s and were very much in the minority. But she …

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