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Is the internet shaping our brains?

I recently watched Connected by Tiffany Schlain. For anyone who hasn’t seen this film yet, I recommend you download it right now on iTunes as you read this article. It will challenge the way you see the world and your own behaviour. While I didn’t necessarily agree with every point raised, the film made me sit up and take note of how technology (and notably the internet) is shaping the very brains that invented it. It also forced me to question the consequence of now living in a truly interconnected world. …

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How to dress for your entrepreneurial style – Part 2

At Zukuri UnLtd we’ve created key entrepreneur style profiles to help you pick clothes that suit your working lifestyle, highlight your ‘style’ values and resonate with your clients. Part 1 was all about The People Person and The Traditionalist. Today we look at The Creative Hipster and The Homeworker. Take note how the ‘visual conversations’ of the clothes, can give you clues for your clothing choices when you meet your next client. The Creative Hipster Operates in a loose and free capacity – maybe in events or generally in a creative arena where …

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Why colour matters to the small business owner

If you are a small business owner, a micro-business owner, or a solopreneur, a strong, recognisable brand will help your business stand out from your competitors, create loyal customers and ultimately increase sales. The single, most under-used marketing tool would have to be colour. This is because colour works on the unconscious level, and if, as a business owner, you are not consciously aware of the powerful role colour plays on your customers emotions, then it will remain just that – unconscious. Shoppers place colour as a primary reason for when …

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How frugal innovation can make your customers smile!

I’m a woman on a mission – to prove that it doesn’t cost much to make a lasting emotional connection with your customers. In life, it really is the small things that make a difference – the little touches that make you feel wanted, appreciated and loved. I work with my clients in the hospitality sector, where you’d think people would understand this implicitly. And while there are some wonderful examples, all too often I’ve met hoteliers who have obsessed over a vase costing thousands and yet overlooked many of the tiny …

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Top tips for colour pairing your business wardrobe

Knowing how to pair certain colours or find items that work together can be time consuming. Pulling together a successful look needs to be quick and simple, especially when you’re running a business. I often spend time sourcing successful and stylish looks for clients where colour is the number one factor. Over do it and you can scare your clients away but not taking enough colour risks can make your outfits feel lack-luster. Below are several examples of how to create successful colour pairings – these will give you some idea as to …

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Replenish Your Energy

5 steps to finding the perfect fit for your ‘Business & Lifestyle’: Step 5 REPLENISH

By now, your plan should be coming together nicely. With your DREAM capturing both the starting point and the meaning behind your efforts, FOCUS helping you to mobilise your time and energy towards realising it, STRUCTURE allowing you both the security of knowing the essentials are being taken care of and the space to create bigger things and COURAGE building movement and momentum behind your business, all that remains is being knowing how to make sure you have the energy to deliver your best, wherever you are. It’s fair to …

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Stress – Is it the new normal?

Stress is now so common that it’s almost become acceptable. In fact, for many, daily stress is a normal occurrence both at home and in their working environment, and we’ve forgotten what life is like without it. This is dangerous because we’re ignoring a warning signal that something is wrong. It’s like driving a car at high speed down a motorway while the oil light is flashing empty and waiting for an accident or breakdown to happen. As humans, we’re great at adapting to things that happen repeatedly overtime. We …

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Do you know your entrepreneur style profile?

At Zukuri UnLtd, we’ve created 6 key Entrepreneur Style Profiles to help you pick clothes that suit your working lifestyle, highlight your ‘style sleeve’ values and resonate with your clients. For this series I’m going to talk through – The People Person, The Traditionalist, The Homeworker and The Creative Hipster Below are the First 2 entrepreneur style profiles, have a look and take note of the ‘visual conversations’ of each. These can give you cues for your clothing choices, and how you assemble your outfit when you meet your next client. 1. THE PEOPLE PERSON …

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Smell of success

Branding with scent: The smell of success

In previous articles, I’ve touched on the power of scent. Smell has such a profound impact on us in ways that often act below the conscious to evoke strong emotions and memories. It’s one of the most under-utilised and poorly understood tools that we can use for branding, including space and experience design. When I thought about writing an article for Women Unlimited to illustrate the power of scent in business, my immediate thought was of Nicola Pozzani, world expert in scent and mood and founder of SSense. Nicola is …

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Tastes like happiness (or why chocolate is good for business)

For anyone like me who has indulged in one too many chocolate eggs over the Easter holiday, this post is dedicated to you. There’s just something about chocolate that makes it call out your name, whispering sweet promises of its rich creamy taste, soft velvety texture and power to bring a smile to your lips . . . It’s no wonder chocolate has become the go to gift for ‘gifting for business’, for events and conferences and for sharing with those you network with. But what is about chocolate that …

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