Wednesday November 22, 2017
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How to get and give endorsements on LinkedIn

Yesterday I received an endorsement notification from LinkedIn that Hela Wozniak Kay (one of the dynamic duo that created Sister Snog) has endorsed me for blogging.  And this got me thinking.  Why blogging?  So I did a little bit of investigation and figured out what the answer was and in this video I share with you a quick behind the scenes look at how you can give and get endorsements for better keywords. I think the endorsement function of LinkedIn is a great and simple addition to what is already …

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Capitalising on Social Networking as a Small Business

This is a great simple video that talks about how to use social media as a small business. Invaluable insights into how social networking is changing the face of small business is at hand, as host Sean Walsh welcomes Robin Grant, MD of We Are Social, to the studio. As well as advice on social media marketing from Robin, we will also hear from Heather Gorringe, founder and director of Wiggly Wigglers. The rural England based natural gardening company recently won the inaugural Global Dell Small Business Excellence Award. Using …

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What political campaigns can teach business

This is a really interesting video that has a look at how political campaigns are a lot like selling a product.  The commentator discusses how the American presidential candidates used social media during their campaigns. According to  social media analyst Charlene Li, the best approach is tap into your core group of supporters, empower them to evangelize on your behalf and then let go! Li says that the rise of social networks has impacted the way politicians communicate with their base and that businesses can learn to have a conversation, …

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How top 12 LinkedIn networker approaches marketing on social networks

In this business news television show you’ll hear top business advice from Pier Paolo Mucelli, Founder and CEO of eOffice, as he explains the methods that took him and his company to the top 12 out of 29m+ networkers on business social network LinkedIn. Feel free to get in touch with me via Linked In as well, I’d love to hear from you! He explains how to build a profile and develop descriptions that will help you to promote your company in online business networks, while clearly demonstrating the importance …

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