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Web Therapy: GoLearnTo

Thank you again to all those who submitted their sites for review in the clinic. Last month we looked at the importance of communicating a clear message to your customers about your business service. This month we look at a website that has a strong grasp of how to communicate with customers, and wants to look at spreading that message to new audiences.

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Web therapy : Straight Thinking

Welcome to the first edition of the Web Therapy Clinic. We had an excellent response and I want to thank everyone who submitted their site for a little therapy. Clear communication is essential for a successful business and one of the most important things to consider when setting up a website for your business, is ensuring the message you send to people visiting your site is clear and sells the benefits of your product or service.

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Starting with a single step

Ever wished you could travel back in time to impart wisdom on your younger self? If this were possible there are a few pearls I would pass on: “Buy stocks in Google. Worry less. Don’t get your hair cut from the mumbling village barber because he only charges £3.50 – the resulting mullet will never be seen as a bargain…” Though time travel is impossible, it doesn’t stop the past sometimes catching up with you to offer its own valuable advice.

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