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google plus for business

Google Plus Quick Start Webinar with Cassie Hicks Kerr

Back by popular demand! Following last year’s hugely popular Google+ webinar, Cassie Hicks Kerr has agreed to present a new and updated Google Plus for Business “Quick Start” webinar, exclusively for the Women Unlimited Community. Where and when: May 21st at 12:00 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER If you are interested in finding out how you can maximise this incredibly important social media channel, join us for an information-packed webinar where we’ll demystify Google+ and show you a simple step-by-step roadmap to building your business on GooglePlus. Discover the power of …

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Podcasting Webinar

I hope you enjoy the webinar – don’t worry, the black screen clears after a couple of minutes. Kris has shared lots of great tips around how to be more successful in your podcasting activities. She also shares some information around her new Podcasting School – which is really worth taking if you are considering podcasting as she shortcuts a lot of the process and gives great tips and ideas on how to be more successful as a podcaster. You can find out more about Kris’ course here along with …

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podcasting webinar

Free Podcasting Webinar

I am really excited to be able to share with you this opportunity to learn all about podcasting from my personal coach and mentor Kris Gilberston. Last year I launched my own podcast, MicroEntrepreneur and I have to say that hands down, it is my favourite form of content marketing … and what’s even better is that it seems to the way thatcreates the most loyalty amongst my community as well. Everyone is jumping on the content bandwagon right now, but podcasting is still relatively new and it offers a great opportunity …

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marketing right for your type

What’s your marketing archetype webinar with Beth Grant

If you’d like to listen to Beth’s webinar instead of watching… you can download the audio file here Beth has also very generously offered her alignment kit, which you can get here. We had an absolutely brilliant time with loads of great questions and feedback.  The webinar will be available to watch or download until next Tuesday, January 21… so please make sure you watch it before then! In the webinar Beth covered: what your personal archetype is, and what it means for your business why people buy from you vs someone …

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Free Webinar: 9 failsafe steps to build a succesful microbusiness

Take your business from Feeble to Fabulous Over the past few months I have been spending a lot of time thinking about what it takes to build and grow a successful microbusiness and have come up with a structure that I believe is foolproof (and foolproof, doesn’t mean easy btw :D)… but if it was easy, where would the fun be, right? Oh and you do have to follow the steps too… So I’m going to share my 9 steps and all the elements that I think you need to …

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Are you running a business or an expensive hobby

June webinar: Are you running a business or an expensive hobby

This month’s webinar was born out of a blog post with the same title that was written by Wendy Kerr last year.  The topic resonated with so many of you that we asked Wendy to come and join us for a webinar and help those of you who are struggling with this to really build a profitable business. It’s a fact that 68% of women business owners earn less in their business than in their last job (ouch!). If this is you, and you’d like to change that then please …

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March webinar: How to create multimedia products

This is our third lunchtime webinar of the year and we are thrilled to be doing a session on how to create multimedia products with my friend and business partner Joanna Penn.  Joanna is an author and has one of the top 10 writing blogs in the world(!).   In this webinar we share with you: * How to make your business scalable and global * How to plan your product and create text material * How to create video and audio products * How to sell and market your …

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Google plus for business

Hangout: How to use Google Plus for Business

On Tuesday February 26th at 1:00pm GMT, we will be holding our first ever Google Hangout and we have a great lineup for you! On this hangout we have Julie Hall: Founder of Women Unlimited Rosie Shelley: Community Manager for Google Plus Joanna Penn: Author, Speaker and founder of www.thecreativepenn.com Maggy Woodly: Blogger and Crafty Mum and founder of www.redtedart.com Helen Neale: Mum and founder of www.kiddycharts.com We are going to be talking about how our panelists are all using Google Plus very effectively in their own businesses.  Google Plus needs to …

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How to Sell Without Being Pushy

We had a brilliant webinar with Catherine Watkin where she ran through her steps to get more comfortable with the sales process and learn to sell without being pushy. [password-protect] [/password-protect] Would you like to watch this webinar? Sign up for a free password here: [signup] Catherine is also has a fantastic programme called Get More Clients Saying Yes! and has very kindly offered an amazing deal for Women Unlimited readers which is available until Monday, February 18th. Click here to find out more.

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February webinar: How to sell without being pushy

This is our second lunchtime webinar of the year (look out for one every month from now on…) and we are thrilled to have Catherine Watkin, one of our Thrive 2013! speakers, doing a session on “How to sell without being pushy!”on Friday Feburary 15th from 12:00 – 13:00 GMT. Click here to register for the webinar. Catherine has over 17 years experience in sales AND is my personal sales coach. After one session with her, I managed to increase my conversion rate by 500%. Pretty impressive huh?! In this …

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