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Don’t be afraid to try ‘new’ networks

New networks – new surprises! I was a BNI-er (Business Network International) from the age of 17. I’ll admit it; I was pretty set in my ways. I thought there was no other option out there. I was quite young and keeping to just one network meant I didn’t need to try any others. After my third year, having started Amethyst PA, I decided to leave this great network (which had been fantastic for the business) due to a category clash. A year and a half later, I still hadn’t gone to a networking …

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women unlimited conference

Summary and photos from the Women Unlimited conference

Here are some photos of our absolutely amazing conference on Monday. The day was incredibly inspiring, moving and emotional. The day was opened up by the Sisters of Soul from Sister Snog and led by Kelly from Singing Works. Sister Snog are running a “Taste of Sister Snog” on Tuesday March 22nd, if you want to find out more about them. It was a fantastic way to open the conference and really set the energy for the day.

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She’s Ingenious, isn’t she?

If I said “inventor” to you, what image would come to your mind?  Would it be the one of ‘Doc’ from Back to the Future; all wild hair and eyes, wearing the obligatory tank top, tinkering away in the shed trying to convince anyone who will listen that their invention will be the next big thing?  I thought so!  Well, inventors have just been given a much needed makeover!

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12:30 – it’s that time again!

You know how it is; you arrive at work in the morning fresh as a daisy and ready to plough through your list of things you simply must do. But as it gets nearer to midday you find yourself running out of steam and in need of inspiration. 1230 The Women’s Company (1230 TWC) is a lunchtime networking organisation that supports female entrepreneurs in London and the South East. Founded in 2002 by Penny Denby and Jackie Groundsell, it provides both on and off-line trading and support opportunities across the …

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The Athena Network

The Athena Network is a bespoke networking organisation for business women and those who are decision makers in their places of work. Jacqueline Rogers co-founded the company in 2006 with Louise Heasman when she realised that the needs of women in business were not being met. Three years later, The Athena Network has 40 franchisees and 120 groups throughout England and has now gone global by launching in Australia. “Our growth has exceeded our expectations which proves the need for our group is really there. Business is growing at the …

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