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T Sandeman Charles Save 5

A gift that costs you nothing but makes a huge difference

Today’s post is written with great sadness.  Today I heard the news that T. Sandeman Charles passed away as a result of having two incurable lung diseases.  T was an inspiration to everyone who knew her.  She shared her story at our Thrive conference in 2012 and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. T was not someone to take her disease lying down.  When she found out that she had a terminal illness, instead of accepting it and feeling sorry for herself, she decided to take action and used all …

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Sister my friends

Your Stories: For My Sister Friends

This week we hear from Tina C. Hines, founder of My Sister Friends. In business for a little over one year, My Sister Friends’ mission is to strive to educate, empower and enlighten women as they embark on their own personal journeys. They encourage women to realize their passions, achieve their goals and connect with their true selves. 1. What drove you to start your own business?  What was the turning point?  My personal “epiphany” began when I started a book club with my friends. Although we fully intended to discuss books, …

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Harem Escape

Your Stories: Harem Escape

This week we hear the amazing story of Sandra Shoemake Zwollo who has been organising exclusive retreats for women since 2009. What is a brief description of your business? Harem organises luxurious retreats exclusively for women. I’ve created a place where women can be themselves, are allowed to completely let go, no responsibilities, no demands, no decisions, just a healthy dose of self-indulgence, lots of high-end pampering, great healthy organic food and the time and space to put themselves first, for a few days, with even clothing provided, so nobody …

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Sonia Calvo Your Story

Your Stories: Sonia Calvo & Creating Serenity

This week we meet Sonia Calvo who has created her company Creating Serenity, a life coach business. Sonia works with people who are suffering with overwhelm, burn out and want to find another way of being, to find themselves again, their fuel and their passions. Having been operating for just over a year, let’s hear from Sonia about her entrepreneurial journey… 1. What drove you to start your own business?  What was the turning point? Having children and working in a 9-5 job which was not very flexible, prompted me to look …

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Blyss Chocolate

Your Stories: BLYSS & The ‘Bean’ Queen

Today we have Alyssa Jade McDonald, founder of BLYSS gmbH sharing her entrepreneurial journey! So lets crack on and hear about her amazing story… How long have you been in business? The basis of BLYSS is Ilolo Estate which started in the uncarved jungles of Papua New Guinea in the 1920s by social entrepreneurs Percy and Gertrude McDonald. It passed through to son Robert and his Australian bride Patricia, who developed the multi-diverse plantations further. Meanwhile, Patricia’s father, a renowned pâtissier in Sydney, was crafting elegantly tiered desserts and gateaux with his wife Beatrice …

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Your Stories: Love Moorish

Today’s ‘Your Story’ takes a slightly different format with Julie Waddell sharing her journey from – BBC Journalist to Artisan Food Entrepreneur. Julie Waddell launched The Little Smoked Food Company Ltd in 2012 and won a listing for her products in Waitrose in November of the same year. Here’s her story… I’ve been privileged to work as a BBC Broadcast Journalist for almost ten years, most recently working on my favourite show – Radio 4’s “The Food Programme”. I love this show because it’s interesting, entertaining, and intelligently informative and …

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Your Stories: My Alarm Center

Today we hear from Amy Kothari, CEO and owner of My Alarm Center. Amy was initially brought on as the company’s CFO, and then became the CEO of My Alarm Center over eight years ago, growing the business from 10,000 customers to over 140,000.  My Alarm Center began as a financing option for the over 14,000 small, mom-and-pop style alarm companies throughout the United States who had little access to capital.  Amy’s role with the company has transformed My Alarm Center from just a financial resource for the industry into a full-service …

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Thrive Conference: Joanna Tall Off to see my lawyer.com

Your Stories: Joanna Tall from Offtoseemylawyer.com

Last year at Thrive 2012 (have you checked out Thrive 2013 yet?!) we decided to do something a bit different. Rather than running a conference where all the speakers had made millions and squillions of dollars, I wanted to inspire the audience with some of YOUR stories. Women from our own commmunity who had started up their own businesses and had come along to our workshops and events. Women who had made the leap of faith and jumped into their new venture with anticipation, fear, excitement and hope. We had …

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Your Stories: Jeeves & Jemima Lifestyle Management

Today’s story is from Thirzie Hull and Samina Raza, owners of Jeeves & Jemima Lifestyle Management. In business for only a short 6 months, Jeeves and Jemima call themselves ‘London’s most exciting Lifestyle Managers.’ Their mission is to help busy Londoners live simple and beautiful lives. We believe that beauty should permeate every area of life, even the most mundane. We help London’s busiest people live simpler, less stressful and more beautiful lives. Our unique service was created in response to the fast pace of city life, ours is a …

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Growing your business

Your stories: The Money Goddess

Today on ‘Your Stories’ we have The Money Goddess, Karen Bashford telling us about her entrepreneurial journey. Karen has been a coach for 5 years and has been running her business, The Money Goddess since February 2012. She helps women have a loving relationship with money through her coaching programs, and shows them how to create the right mindset and have the confidence and knowledge to make money work for them, instead of the other way around. 1. What drove you to start your own business? What was the turning …

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