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Computers are the way forward… aren’t they?

If you have been following my last few articles you will have quickly realised that my IT skills are nothing to write home about. Actually a single celled Amoeba would have more success than me at the sensitive interaction with a computer. I still struggle with the fact that for the whole of my working life and relationship with a computer I have had the ‘tech desk’ to hand at every blip or issue – it has to be said they knew me so well that they would see my extension number flash up on their screen and not even bother picking up the call as they knew total computer carnage would be about to take place and it was best to get to the ‘scene of crime’ ASAP before I caused the entire banking system to hit the floor!

Anyway despite my clear lack of flair and passion for IT my need to become ‘mobile’ with my coaching business was beginning to become apparent. The unfortunate PC World Business Manager Melvin, who sorted me out with my home PC and initial business set up, was now tasked with the impossible – finding a Laptop that I could actually use!

With a 9am meeting set up I skipped down to PC World with the images of returning being fully equipped with the most up to date, state of the art Laptop. However as I wandered through the Laptop aisle my attention was immediately on the little cute, PINK, laptop that would go with my shoes for sure!!!

So with a new found inner strength from my recent NLP Practitioner qualification I believed in my ability to choose, set up and work a Laptop as if I had been doing it all my life…. Melvin on the other hand was not so convinced of this, perhaps it was my genuine enquiry into the type of ‘memory twig’ my laptop would require, ops!

So between us we finally found a suitable Laptop – and no it was not the Pink one to match my shoes! – I was truly devastated!

So having recovered from the awful realisation that my Laptop would not be matching my shoes I eagerly awaited the arrival of my access to mobile brilliance and professionalism. In my excitement I tore the Laptop out of its packaging and marvelled at its sleek outer case, the shimmering silver look and the fact that how good would I look when out and about with this ‘beauty’! However ten minutes later and still struggling to find the ‘on’ button resorted to retrieving the manual from the bin!

However – and I am so proud of myself by the way – despite everything I set myself a goal in my head, I wanted to be able to take my Laptop anywhere, but be able to see my home PC and remotely connect to it. By the Grace of God or some other miracle worker I have managed to do just that – my Laptop will connect to my home PC – even from the darkest Members Club or Starbucks Cafe without any help from an IT Tech Desk – Wahooooo!!

What has this experience taught me?

“Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.”

And from what I have learnt in NLP is that there is no such thing as Failure, only Feedback – never be scared of trying something, you learn and experience real  life and live rather than exist, and it is ALL about living!

So Shine4Life is now mobile, IT savvy, feeling pretty good about things and ready to take the world by storm…

Someone else that is experiencing a totally different kind of storm is Kirsty who is as we speak is crossing the Atlantic in a boat called Diamonds are Forever, a crew of 6 girls as part of girlsforsail.com – check out the great adventure

I met Kirsty on the NLP intensive training I went through recently and she has become a firm friend has inspired me in the way that she takes every opportunity in both hands, is not scared of making mistakes – as for Kirsty there is no such thing as a mistake, only a learning opportunity and when you look at it like that the entire world opens up…..

So until next time when I will no doubt report on a Laptop ‘blow up’ or some other IT nightmare enjoy your festive parties.


About the Author: Juli Dromgoole is going to be keeping us up to date with her new venture and sharing her learning and experience along the way.  Julie’s mantra is self confidence in yourself, who you stand for and your values is the key to making the most success of your life, infecting others with your positive, sunny attitude that makes their day shine too!  You can find out more about Juli and her coaching business at www.shine4life.com

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