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Create your email with Constant Contact

July 28, 2009. This workshop will take you through the process of actually creating your first email.  You will learn how to create professional looking emails that will generate more results for your business.  We do recommend that you come along to our DIY email marketing workshop as well so you can learn how to create successful email marketing campaigns, but it is not a pre-requisite.

This informative seminar is suitable for all experience levels but assumes that you have a general knowledge of Email Marketing concepts. This workshop will focus on “Getting Started” with Constant Contact’s do-it-yourself email communication service. This workshop provides specific training on how to create your first email campaign.

The workshop is designed to help you quickly and easily master the Constant Contact system. You’ll learn

  • how to set up account options,
  • add subscription boxes to your website and emails
  • choosing your template and customising it to suit your brand
  • how to import your list and add names
  • how the reporting works
  • images, where to find them, cropping and resizing

As long as you have some copy ready, you will be able to CREATE YOUR EMAIL IN THE WORKSHOP!  This workshop came out of the request from some of the DIY Email marketing delegates.  The tool that we will be using during that workshop is Constant Contact, which offers a free trial for 60 days!

Where: British Library, 96 Euston Road, London, NW1  2DB

When: July 28, 2009 from 14:00 – 17:00

Cost: £45

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