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Julie Hall

Thank you for joining our VIP List!

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  1. I have moved from being self-employed in Ireland to working full-time for an international charity – Lepra – based in Colchester. I enjoyed the Thrive conference this year and hope to be there in 2014. Is it OK for charity employees to attend?

  2. its very nice to communicate with a womens network to relief stress and learn better ways for promoting business.

  3. I have been looking for a site to engage with other woman within the business world. I just started my own business venture and like everyone, am constantly learning.

  4. A fab connection i discovered by chance just now…Thank you… (while looking for the exact definition of ‘consumables in a craft business) I’ve not found the answer believe it or not, but finding you is a bonus.

    So can any lovely UK women unlimited send me a link to understand exactly what are & whats not acceptable/defined as consumables (I paint clay (terracotta plant pots, run workshops & parties)

    Many thanks for any help in anticipation

  5. Thank you Jayne,
    I will take a look..
    All the best 🙂

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