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Diary of a Startup: Sun bed perspective

I lie here on my sun bed in Spain soaking up the sun while relaxing by the pool and reading those women’s magazines – as we all do – profiling all those inspirational career change stories of brave and creative business women who have pursued their “eureka” moment.

As I read the stories of these female role model entrepreneurs – this year is different. I too have left the security of my permanent job – mine with a City and Westminster based pr agency – to strike out with my own business as a pr consultant. So let this be a salutary reminder about everything that has been and remains positive about having taken the plunge. Let’s pause and reflect for a few moments on my journey so far.

It hasn’t been easy…I don’t think anyone really appreciates the sheer hard work – exhaustion at times! – of working for yourself. Now I really understanding the humour and meaning behind the jocular definition of an entrepreneur as being “someone that would rather work 16 hours a day for herself/himself than 8 hours a day for someone else!”

There has been frustration, the inevitable setbacks, the need to hold one’s nerve, the struggle to retain focus and stick to priority areas of business development , learning to say “no” sometimes as a secure client base is established with your target market, managing multiple projects for different clients simultaneously, never being able to stop, the one the buck stops with – being the primary circus juggler really of all the spinning plates …and for women – often domestic and family commitments on top – the ultimate time management challenge.

But what of the pleasures! the sheer exuberance and energy and excitement – albeit tinged with risk – of pursuing your dreams and ambitions, without encumbrance from former employers, escaping office politics, sweaty rush-hour trains, the excitement of working within local business communities, for local businesses and charities, forming new partnerships, building new initiatives together, supporting business associates through a myriad of networks, inspiring each other, learning new skills, trying new things, succeeding at them – the diversity – the friendships. Gaining confidence…and wisdom.

And actually doing it as opposed to just daydreaming and reading about others doing it while being too scared to jump or perhaps the timing not yet being quite right. Make the timing right and take the plunge too. Congratulations to all those that have. All are welcome to our Women Unlimited community which is here to support your dream.

Now back into the pool before cocktails!



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About Melanie Worthy

Melanie Worthy has a long and interesting background in PR and communications, working with financial services and government agencies for many years. This year she took the leap and decided to join the ranks of small business owners and has also taken on the not insubstantial task of Co-Editor! We hope you enjoy her take on starting your own business and we would love it if you shared your thoughts and experiences.

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