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How to Succeed at Email Marketing: July 11, 2012

July 11, 2012. Hands down, email marketing is THE most effective way for you to market directly to your prospects and clients. No matter what type of business you are in, you should be using this fantastic, low cost method to be building relationships with your clients and making sales. I attribute 90% of our sales at Women Unlimited to email marketing and want to show you how you can to.

What you write and how you communicate through email marketing DOES make a difference to the success of your campaign and this workshop will give you the tools and strategies to make sure that your email marketing works for you.

This course is made for you

As always, we focus on the practical. You will come away from this workshop with an action plan that you can implement immediately to bring more clients and build stronger relationships with your clients and prospects. At it’s best, email marketing is a powerhouse marketing tool. For small businesses email marketing is a mandatory part of your marketing repertoire because it keeps you at the front of your customers mind just at the point they are ready to buy.

Smart businesses use email marketing. Why? Because it generates real business results. Here is an example from one of our previous attendees…

“I just wanted to say that I found the session very useful and relevant – I have been on lots of training sessions in the past that have been a waste of time (i.e. you could just save time and read through the notes instead!). There was a real focus on practical outcomes plus I got some great ideas from other attendees…We sent out the January email last Thursday to about 60 people and have had 3 tables (total 7 people) use the voucher. We have not had any response to previous emails so this is a great improvement for us!” Sandy Reskaurat, Chang Thai Restaurant

What you’ll learn in the morning:

  • How to get into your customers / clients inbox
  • How to build your email list
  • What to write and types of content
  • How to improve your campaigns month on month
  • When to send your fabulous emails
  • How to get real business results from your email marketing
  • How to analyse the results

What you’ll learn in the afternoon

The afternoon session is designed to help you create your first email newsletter. You will have time to work through your own ideas and we will look at Mail Chimp, which is a free to use for the first 1000 subscribers and helps you get over the “how do I make my newsletter look good” hurdle.

Email marketing is a great tool in your marketing repertoire and if it’s not generating results for you, come along on this workshop and find out how it CAN!

Why you should come to this workshop

  • In the current economy you need to be marketing to your clients regularly
  • Email marketing is low cost AND effective
  • Email marketing is a powerhouse marketing tool
  • Email marketing drives traffic to your website
  • Email marketing builds customer loyalty
  • You will learn how to get email marketing right for your business
  • There is no other marketing tool that will give you better results for your money

Where: LMG Training Room, 15 Riseborough Street, Southwark, SE1 0HG

When: July 11, 2012

Time: 10:00 – 4:00

Cost: £125 + VAT

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  1. Hello, would you please tell me, is the morning course with the use of a computer or through notes and handouts please and if computer based, are the computers provided by you?


  2. Hi Ann

    The morning session is not computer based, the afternoon one is and you need to bring your own laptop. Julie

  3. Thankyou Julie, I would like to book the morning course please (10a.m. to 1p.m. Tuesday 28th July) please but cannot find an online booking form. Ann

  4. Sorry Ann, the gremlins got us! It’s now back on. Julie

  5. Do you have any venues further north? (we are Yorkshire and train fare is expensive!)

  6. Hi Cathy, I wish we did! Unfortunately our workshops are based in London for the time being, but this may change next year…


  7. Hi Julie,

    This looks like such a good class! I tried to rearrange my schedule so I could attend, but I couldn’t swing it. I’m very much hoping you have another class early, early in 2011!

  8. i stay at india & knows email marketing is the most important for nowdays for our business. pls let me know if you start any courses in india also.

  9. I loved your first word, “email marketing is THE most effective way for you to market directly to your prospects and clients” . It just gives me an idea to have a more efficient and useful moves. Keep up the goodwork!

  10. I really do wish I could be there, but I am in the US. Maybe you will have a class here next year?

  11. Hi Julie
    I know you’re using MailChimp for this workshop. Workshop looks fab however I’m with icontact. Can I run with that in the afternoon instead? Secondly would you rate MailChimp over icontact or for that matter aweber?

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