Realise your potential as a woman in business

Tuesday, September 30.  Come join us for  an amazing seminar for women in business featuring five of the most successful female entrepreneurs today. During the seminar you will not only get lots of great advice on how to develop your business, you will also have a chance to personally ask these women questions about your own business and challenges. It is an incredible opportunity to engage with some of the most enterprising women in the UK.

Penny Power, Gita Patel, Gina Lazenby, Jacqueline Rogers and Pauline Crawford have all built successful businesses and want share with you how they did it and give you their tips and advice for your business.

SpeakersWHERE: The Window Events Venue, 13 Windsor Street, Islington, London, N1 8QG map

WHEN: September 30, 2008

TIME: Registration: 12:00 Seminar: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM : NETWORKING – 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

WHO: Penny Power, Gita Patel, Jacqueline Rogers, Gina Lazenby, Pauline Crawford.

Penny will be discussing how to use social networking to grow your business, Gita will be discussing different options for financing your business, Jacqueline will be discussing leadership and how to build a values based business and Gina will be discussing the different types of entrepreneurs there are and how to find out your type and work with your natural style.  Pauline will be chairing the event on the day.

Just some of the things you’ll take away from this event are:

  • How to be brilliant at networking – both online and offline – and why it’s so essential for the growth of your business
  • How to balance your business and your personal life
  • What kind of entrepreneur you are and how to make it work for you
  • Advice from a leading venture capitalist on how to create more success in business
  • The secret to great leadership and how to use it in your own business

The Speakers

Pauline Crawford, Chair Founder of Gender Dynamics. Women and Men have different motivations and ways of working and these all have an impact on how we can achieve greater results in our businesses. Pauline is a very experienced conference speaker and will be running the event on the day.

Penny Power, Founder of ecademy one of the first social networking sites for businesses in the UK and internationally. Penny will reveal how she balanced family life with building a multi-million pound business. And she’ll advise how to use networking to successfully grow your business.

Gina Lazenby, Best selling Author, award winning businesswoman and award winning businesswoman and Wealth Dynamics Master Practitioner. Gina will explain the 8 different types of entrepreneur styles and what that means for you and your business. She will also be discussing how by understanding your profile you will be able to find your true path to success.

Gita Patel, Co-founder of Stargate Capital Investment Group responsible for launching the first UK investment fund for women’s enterprises. Gita will share her own journey to becoming one of the most influential Asian entrepreneurs in the UK today and her tips for creating a successful business. If you’ve not heard of Gita before, just Google her, we guarantee you will want to hear from this incredible woman.

Jacqueline Rogers, Co-Founder of Athena Network, one of the leading women-only networks in the UK. Jacqueline will discuss the essential qualities of leadership in women and how to be authentic in all that you do while growing your business.

The Panel Session

You’ll have an amazing opportunity to ask these super successful women some direct questions. What hurdles have they had to overcome? How do they stay motivated? What advice do they have for starting out and growing your business.

The Networking

This will be followed by a fantastic networking session which runs from 5:00 – 7:00 where you can talk to other women who are just starting out or are already running successful businesses. This will be an opportunity to connect with other women that are all working to develop their own businesses.

Why you can’t miss this event

When are you going to have an opportunity like this again?  This seminar is for women who want to develop themselves and their business.  Tickets are £65, and the value that you will get will last you a lifetime. There will be an opportunity to network after the speaker sessions.

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  1. It was a privilege to be asked to speak at your event Julie and I very much enjoyed meeting so many dynamic women. in one place.

    Congratulations on your new venture, wishing you every success … if yesterday was anything to go by that we know that it will be!

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