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do you need a new space to work in?

Does your business need its own space?

If you’ve just started, or are in the process of expanding a business it’s likely you’ll need your own office space. While working from home works fine for some people, for many it’s just not an option and as you take on staff, finding a workspace that suits your needs is very important. Even if it’s not an everyday thing, having the option of a professional environment away from the spare room can be a welcome respite from the distractions of the family.

Less budget limitations

In the early stages of a business it’s unlikely you’ll have the capital to buy something out right so renting provides a great option. Even if you’ve been a company for years, renting has many advantages over a more permanent solution, providing flexibility, a variety of choice and something to suit most budgets. You can often rent a space that you would never be able to afford to purchase, giving your organisation a professional feel far beyond its actual means.

And, in a few months or years time, when buying becomes a more viable option, renting out a range of different premises will have given a taste of what you do and don’t like and what works for your business.

Small businesses and sole traders

If you’re making the first step from the spare bedroom, you may only need a desk or a single room. Many large companies are happy to lease out unused space, providing a low-cost way to get a slice of a more ‘business-like’ environment.

Alternatively, most towns and cities provide good value work spaces often shared by a number of small enterprises. These can often be very creative and inspiring places with like-minded businesses working alongside each other. Pick your neighbours wisely and you may end-up developing your own offering and gaining new some customers along the way.

Serviced offices

To really hit the ground running with everything you need to get your business off the ground, choose a serviced office. These come complete with fixtures, fittings, electrical equipment and even a receptionist. Maintenances and cleaning are taken care for by a third party, so all you have to do is turn up and get going. With whole floors or even buildings available, serviced offices provide the perfect solution for anyone wishing to look the part without forking out for the infrastructure themselves.

If you need help making this all important decision, there are specialist commercial property agents who will show you the best your local area has to offer, while weeding out the things that wouldn’t suit. Alternatively, do it yourself using sites like Office Genie, which matches all types of office space options with would-be renters.

About the Author: Jessica Lowe writes on behalf of Office Space Genie, the one-stop-shop for cost-effective office space renting options, throughout the UK.

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