Web therapy : Does Your Website Content Pull People In?

A lot can be achieved by sending the right message to potential customers through your site’s content. Here are some brief hints if you have a website for your business and you’re thinking of writing your own content rather than hiring a copywriter.

Keep your landing page simple – pull people in

People have little patience when it comes to websites so you need to make sure that the content on your front page captures the audience’s attention (in a good way) and explains simply how your service or product might be of interest to them.

Some key questions your visitors will have when visiting your landing page are:

  • Who are you?
  • What can you help me with?
  • Why would I be interested?
  • Is it a product I buy, information I use or a service I hire?
  • Where are you based?

Your landing page should try to answer a couple of these questions – and make it simple for them to find out the rest of the information. Clear navigation buttons with titles such as “Services”, “About Us”, and “Contact Us” let the customer know that answers can be found with ease.

Talk to your customer – ask them questions

Questions are a good way of transforming dull text into lively and engaging content. You are asking for a personal response and the answer just might make it clear to the customer that they need your product or service, for example:

  • Does your current web content need livening up?
  • Do you feel your business message isn’t clear on your brochures or flyers?
  • Are you looking for an affordable, quality service?

Questions can also be used to pre-empt any objectives or doubts the customer may have:

  • Why should you use our service?
  • Do we offer both online and offline content writing?
  • Can we work on short deadlines?

Don’t be pushy but don’t be shy – sell your service

Think of a sales person who you liked. Chances are they weren’t pushy – listened to your needs and possible objections and gave you enough information to show you how their product would help you. Your website is part of your online sales team and should work in the same way.

Content shouldn’t read as though it is forcing the customer to do something “You must buy this product or else!” Stay away from negative connotations and focus on how the benefits of your product or service can help a customer:

Don’t write:

“Buy this product or you’ll never make friends and you’ll end up lonely and miserable”

Do Write:

“Our product can give you the confidence to shine in a crowded room and connect with more like minded people”

All statements pertaining to your product should of course be true – and if you have statistics to prove your claims – even better!

Strip out the jargon

You are an expert in your field – your customer may not be so keep your content straight forward without dumbing down your business service. Even if you are a highly specialised technology company, someone looking to hire you may not be the head of IT, but a project manager who knows what needs to be done but is not familiar with the industry terminology.

Don’t write:

“Improve your SEO and reduce bounce rate.”

Do Write:

“Let your customers find your site easily in search engines like Google, and keep their attention when they get there! ”

Check Spelling

Check your spelling and then check again and then have someone check it for you. The same goes for grammar. A typo may not be the end of the world for your business, but it shows care, due attention and respect for your audience. Spelling mistakes happen to the best of us but we should do everything in our power to prevent those cheeky mixed up letters getting through our quality filters!


About the Author: Amy Harrison. After training as a screenwriter, Amy moved into the world of online business and since 2004 has worked on small to large enterprises both here in the UK and Canada. Amy left her job in online business development in 2008 to go it alone and now offers a copywriting and project management service. Amy will be offering practical hints and tips about maintaining and promoting your business website in our series of articles: “Web Therapy”. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing about your own website experiences! www.harrisonamy.com

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