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Ep #8: Escape the rat race and create the life you love with Marianne Cantwell

In episode 8 of Micro Entrepreneur: the magic of thinking small I spoke with Marianne Cantwell, the author of Be a Free Range Human and lifestyle business owner.  This is an interview that I did last year when Marianne was launching her book and she had so many great nuggets to share, I felt I had to re-release as a podcast.

This week’s guest

About Marianne

Marianne is a bit of a rebel and left her old corporate life to live a life where she was able to be and do what she wanted.  She now spends her time travelling all over the world working online with people who want to leave the corporate rat race and create a life built on their passion and purpose.  She helps them find out what they’d really like to do with their day and work out how they can get paid for that as their own boss.  Last year she wrote the book Be a Free Range Human which is a how to guide on how to leave the corporate rat race and create a business that suits you.

What we covered in the show:

  • Focusing on your unique talent in your business
  • 1% vs 100% rule – how to attract the right client
  • Working to your strengths
  • Using content as a marketing tool
  • How to test your ideas with your market
  • How Marianne worked with her community to write her book
  • Creating a tribe and community around brand
  • How to deal with the the uncomfortableness of selling

About the Podcast

The Micro Entrepreneur Podcast is your place to come and hear me talk about all things business for the micro business owner.  I speak with experts, authors and other micro business owners and what they are doing to build and grow a successful micro business.

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  1. Dear Julie

    Just a short message to thank the effort that you have been putting on WU, for such a long time. You are a great source of inspiration and the kick in the back side that we all need. (i a good way)

    I am thoroughly enjoying listening to the podcasts whilst I battle through mountains of drawings.

    This particular one raised very good point regarding something I suspected: The need to find and focus on what one is great at …your unique talent… and the value that an extra pair of eyes (or two) can bring to your business.

    Fantastic guest choice, by the way.

  2. I’ve had the joy of working with Marianne on a couple of her programmes and she’s really transformed my approach to my new business venture, inspiring me to find not only my niche but my voice. She’s got such a lot of enthusiasm for what she does and I’ve valued that above all the tremendous insight she brings.

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