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Ep29: Mike Southon on how to create a successful microbusiness

In episode 29 of Micro Entrepreneur: the magic of thinking small, I had a great time speaking with Mike Southon. Mike is a serially successful entrepreneur, best-selling business author and one of the world’s top business keynote speakers on entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and sales.

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This week’s guest

Mike is co-author with Chris West of The Beermat Entrepreneur, The Boardroom Entrepreneur and Sales on a Beermat.

He has spoken at over 1,000 live events all over the world and provided face-to-face mentoring to over 1,000 entrepreneurs.

What we covered in the show:

  • The back story behind the Instruction Set and the Beermat Entrepreneur
  • The most important factor for success (spoiler – it’s all about finding and maintaining mentors)
  • Make a profit and you’re already an entrepreneur! Start there…
  • Choose something that you love doing – there’s always money in it
  • Focus, focus, focus – Start small and see if anyone will give you any money for your product/service
  • Always charge something – test your model and measure it with the money
  • What to do before the logo, the branding or the business plan
  • Setting initial prices – the first sale is the hardest – then others do the selling for you
  • Raising your prices – the difference between price and ‘value for money’ pricing
  • Trust based and outcome based pricing
  • Selling is about hunting, farming and managing your pipeline
  • You have to be prepared to work hard in the beginning
  • Thoughts on 2015
  • Mentoring – helps you with the ‘how, who, why of your business’ and (if you’re lucky!)… a referral

You can find out more about Mike here:

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