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Female start-up founders offered business growth tips

Growing a business is an achievable ambition if female entrepreneurs remain focused on their end goals, it has been claimed.

Writing for WomenEntrepreneur.com, industry commentator Maria Orozova said a number of basic steps come to mind when talking about business expansion.

Based upon her own experience as the founder of boutique design studio MOD, she said that maintaining relationships, staying current and knowing your limitations are all essential.

In addition, Ms Orozova claimed that businesspeople need to develop discipline and spend intelligently if they want their company to thrive.

She said people should not let their fears hold them back when considering a life in self-employment, urging anyone with the “entrepreneurial spirit” to try starting a company.

“Harness that drive and chase the dream. Doubts and fears will inevitably creep in, but push them aside,” Ms Orozova urged.

“The easiest route to failure is not acting at all out of a fear of some vaguely anticipated future disaster. Instead, suck it up and dive in.”

Marjorie Geise recently told Electro Articles that new businesses are likely to go nowhere without the guidance offered by a sound business plan.

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