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First Direct founder Mike Harris and XL founder Roger Hamilton, share their insights

TWO great Entrepreneurs talk about …

“How to double profit, growth and personal satisfaction in a small business”.

The media would have you believe that now is NOT a great time to be in business. Rather than taking the journalists word for it we decided to ask two of the biggest names in Entrepreneurship … and they think it’s time to be thinking “Let’s Double Everything”.

Mike Harris

Founded two Multi-Billion Pound Businesses in the last 20 years (Internet Bank Egg and Firstdirect Bank). He also created two other spin off businesses while he was the CEO of Mercury Communications… so after growing four businesses to over a Billion Pounds of valuation Mike Harris knows how to get things moving.

Mike has also recently completed his book “Find Your Lightbulb” which draws on his experiences as well as top entrepreneurs from both sides of the Atlantic.

Roger Hamilton

Is a masterful entrepreneur with over 9 companies in 15 countries. He has built several large publishing and media businesses, he has a Resort in Bali and Real Estate business in Singapore. With all those businesses he has still found time to write two books and speak to over 100,000 people about how they can build leading businesses.

On the night, Roger and Mike will each have 40 minutes to sum up the key things you need to know if you want thrive in ALL economies. After their presentations there will be 40 minutes of Q&A followed by networking.

Tickets are normally £59, however I have organised a special rate for the Women Unlimited audience where you can buy at ticket for just £29 inc VAT… AND that will include a copy of Roger Hamilton’s best selling book “WINK”, and Mike Harris’s new book “Find your Lightbulb” (both books are very inspirational and almost worth the ticket price alone).

Click here to book your tickets and if you are going to the London event, I’ll see you there!

Triumphant Events is continually striving to bring you world-beating personal and business development experiences that ultimately provide the platform for entrepreneurialism and new ideas to flourish. 

Bury Village Hotel
Waterfold Business Park, Rochdale Road, Bury, BL9 7BQ
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6:30pm REG
7:00pm START

Ramada Central Milton Keynes
312 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 2EA, UK
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6:30pm REG
7:00pm START

Hilton London Metropole Hotel
225 Edgware Rd, London, W2 1JU, (Closest tube: Edgeware Rd)
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6:30pm REG
7:00pm START

The Celtic Manor Resort
Coldra Woods, The Usk Valley, Newport, NP18 1HQ
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2:00pm REG
2:30pm START
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One comment

  1. Roger James Hamilton ran XL Nation which collapsed in late 2008 after his massive irresponsible money mismanagement. There was not even anyone sorting out the finances in the company so there was not any knowledge about what income or expenditure there was. This coupled with Roger’s extravagant spending caused it all to come tumbling down. XL how has a website with members who no longer are getting what they paid for.

    Roger left investors and members of XL broke and has said he claims that he does not have any money to pay anyone back.

    XL members paid thousands of dollars to join XL and were told that their membership would increase in value each year. They were also told that they could on sell their membership if they no longer wanted to be an XL member. Imagine their shock when they found out the membership was worth nothing, that it could not be on sold and it did not appreciate in value. The XL membership also supposedly included various seminars which no longer exist so all in all no one got any value for their money. To add insult to injury, Roger regularly sends out emails to XL members about upcoming seminars which they have to pay to attend!

    Investors gave Roger money that he guaranteed he would invest and pay them a high return. He never invested the money – he used it for himself. He is a fraud who does not practice what he preaches. So nice that he has the money to take himself and his family to Las Vegas in 2010 when he is broke and living the life of a pauper!!!!!! He sent his daughter to Greece recently as well!!!! He is still traveling the world!!!!

    When Roger is not traveling, he lives the high life in Bali with servants to tend to the housework and everything else. The house he lives in is spacious and very nice. Not so for the people who contact him on a regular basis to ask where their money is and when they will get it back only to get a reply that he does not have any and he is struggling.

    When will he stop conning people into thinking he is Asia’s leading wealth consultant!!!! Beware of Roger James Hamilton and do not give this man any money. You will never see it again.

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