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Fraser Doherty, the Superjam King!

It has been said that the best entrepreneurial ideas aren’t necessarily original; they are simply old ideas with a new twist.  After helping his grandmother make some jam, Fraser Doherty, then aged 14, developed the concept of making his own range of jam entirely out of fruit and sweetened with grape juice  instead of sugar.   Now aged 18, Fraser is an established entrepreneur and his product, Superjam, has seen him receive a whole slew of awards both nationally and internationally.  Fraser’s story is especially encouraging to people who know that they want to set up in business on their own but are unsure of what to do.   Your “Eureka” moment may be the realisation that you could actually create a thriving business out of something that already exists – you just need to add your own unique signature to it!  Take a look!

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  1. Yes maybe my eureka moment would be to design something to easily open jam jars!!

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