Christopher Howard Breakthrough to Success

July 24 – 26.  London.  Breakthrough to Success was the seminar that was the catalyst for Women Unlimited.  Without investing a weekend of my time, this website would not exist today.  Click here for free tickets to the next Christopher Howard Breakthrough to Success Seminar.

Three of our team have attended and all of us are advocats. I was invited to the Christopher Howard event by a friend of mine back in June 2008 and was totally blown away by it. As an entrepreneur I haven’t really spent much time investing in myself and spending a whole weekend, on something like this, was a big committment.

After 3 very long but amazing days, I came out totally energised and excited about the possiblities that were before me. I had attended the event with some sense that I wanted to pursue setting up a business that I felt passion and excitement for and I knew that I wanted to help women entrepreneurs, but hadn’t quite found the motivation to do anything with it.

The day after this seminar, I purchased my new limited company (though Companies Made Simple) and pulled together a team to discuss holding a conference for women entrepreneurs that would inspire and excite them. By the end of that week, from a standing start, we had a fantastic Chair (Pauline Crawford), to run the event and 4 successful and generous women entrepreneurs who saw the vision and agreed to support us on this journey. Read about the speakers here. Of these speakers, I only knew one of them, Jacqueline Rogers of the Athena Network, beforehand.

It was the motivation and inspiration that I received at the Christopher Howard Breakthrough to Success programme that helped bring this about.

So, with all that, I’m going to attend the next one on May 15 – 17 as we don’t know when he’s going to be back again. Christopher Howard allows people who have attended his events to offer free tickets to friends, priced on his website at £895 each. In June the event did sell out about a week before, so if you are interested in going, click here for your free ticket to the Christopher Howard Breakthrough to Success event.

What can you expect?

Lots of high fiving, lovely hugs, inspiration, exultation, great energy, fun, long days, clarity of vision, sales pitch, great networking, life changing experience.

UK Breakthrough to Success Schedule 2009

London, May 15 -17, 2009.
Dublin, September 11 – 13, 2009

If there are no more free tickets available for London (remember, last time they sold out about a week beforehand),  check here for your free ticket, this link will work for Dublin as well.

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