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Free tickets to Topher Morrison – Winning the game of money

June 22, 23 or 24, London. What if the only way to truly get ahead was to treat money as a game. Clear rules need to be followed, there are strategies for winning and most of all it must be fun.

As with any game, there is a winning psychology and a winning formula. For each person it is different, says Topher Morrison.

“You can’t win the game of money if you don’t know what drives you to succeed financially. When you have that driver and you know your path, you will start winning the game and it will be fun again”.

This workshop will give you walk away value. You will begin to construct your strategy for winning, your driving force and your path.

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Dr Topher Morrison shares:
How to integrate Leading Psychological Advances with Wealth Dynamics to create a powerful driving force down the career path you were born for.

Come along and …
* Learn how to increase your income consistently and eliminate those ups and downs
* Understand 2 Rules to Winning the Game of Money
* Discover the criteria that determine whether you will ever become Wealthy and keep it
* Understand why having a strategy is not enough to increase your Wealth
* Discover the leading psychological advances that will guarantee you move the through various levels of wealth
* Learn what it takes to hang out with the wealthiest people on the planet
* How to identify and utilise the “Vacuum Principle” that has you step into a new level of action on auto pilot.
* The difference between financial winners and losers.
* The secret to being able to dedicate yourself to something bigger than money (without going broke).

Why should you listen to Topher Morrison …
Topher Morrison has won the game of money. He earns a “top bracket” income and he does it by doing things that genuinely inspire him. He can afford to be generous with his time and his wealth and he has an incredible network of people who would help him if ever times were tough.

With all of this experience, Topher can offer brilliant insights into what people must do to win the game of money for themselves. He has trained thousands of people to overcome and win the mental game of money (people who never imagined earning top incomes and building a high net wealth).

Combining NLP & Wealth Dynamics
Topher also discusses the most powerful techniques in NLP and Wealth Dynamics to achieve a complete picture of clarity when it comes to winning the game of money.

Topher is hailed as “the personal development speaker for people who are tired of personal development!” with his down-to-earth approach and refreshing style. You will not find get-rich-quick schemes, tired cliches or “Ra-Ra” motivation.

Instead, he delivers the well researched tried and true, real life techniques for tapping into greater potential, releasing unhealthy limitations, and achieving a high level of performance in the game of money.

Tickets are regularly £29, but we can offer you tickets to this event FREE!  Click here to claim your free tickets

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