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Get Clients Now! and Mastering Communications marketing workshop


March 28th : Waltham Abbey

Do you want to get more clients?

Master your communications?

Create more success in your business?

March 28th. By combining Get Clients Now!” with Mastering Communications, this workshop will give you a a simple sales and marketing system, designed to help you overcome the most challenging issue in building a business: landing new clients with a minimum of time and effort.

 The GET CLIENTS NOW! system has helped over 65,000 consultants, professionals, and coaches build a thriving business by doing a few simple things each day.  We help you take that one step further by helping you develop your communications that you will be using with the marketing tactics that you select, so that you will achieve maximum impact.

Get Clients Now!

Using the Get Clients Now! TM marketing workshop, Julie Hall will help you create a 28 day plan for bringing more clients into your business. You’ll learn what really works to market a service business, AND what doesn’t. You’ll get over 100 different tools & tactics for marketing your business. And you’ll discover the missing ingredients that have prevented your marketing from being successful.

“Get clients now! not only tells you the absolute truth about landing
new clients but can also transform you from an amateur into a marketing genius”
Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerilla Marketing series

What you’ll get…

  1. Setting clear achievable goals for your business – Having clear, specific marketing targets is the first step in the Get Clients Now!
  2. Creating your Get Clients Now! marketing plan – Using the Get Clients Now! principles, you will learn how to create a simple, strategy focused marketing plan that will deliver results over 28 days
  3. How to generate leads for your business – Each participant will discover how to create a low cost, high return lead generation plan that involves the use of advertising, public relations and referral marketing
  4. Discover what really works when marketing your business – are you spending your time doing the things that are going to generate the most results for you?
  5. Get marketing strategies you can implement today, with over 100 tactics and tools to choose from, what is right for you?


Mastering Communications

Gail Nielen will show you how to build your value proposition. You’ll learn how to make your communication ‘sticky’ and how to create compelling conversations. And how to communicate with confidence, no matter who your audience is.

‘This workshop is a unique day that defines communication best practices that will help a small to medium business succeed in an uncertain and ever changing market place. From strategy to tactics, communicating effectively and using the spectrum of tools is what will differentiate the winners.’

What you’ll get…

  1. Identify what to communicate, when to communicate and how to say it so it sticks
  2. Create compelling conversations that help influence others
  3. Connect with people to build trust
  4. Build understanding in difficult situations
  5. Increase your credibility

The secret to success

The real secret to business success is marketing and communications – it’s marketing that targets your clients and gets direct results. It’s knowing how to talk to those clients so that you generate new business. And it’s having a clear plan of action and following that plan.

We’re not going to tell you it’s easy; particularly in these difficult times. However, with the right plan and guidance, you can create more business and get new clients even when the economy is in a slump.

The companies that are successful at acquiring new business in these tough times will be the companies that bring us out of the recession. The processes and techniques that you use in your business over the coming months will determine your success.

“If you do what you have always done you will get what you have always got”


Do something different

Isn’t it time to do something different? Isn’t it time to start making a change? This one day workshop, a combination of Get Clients Now! and Mastering Communications will kick start your marketing activity for the rest of the year.

There are only 8 places available on this course, so if you want to see a real change in your business and client list make sure you book now before you miss out!

Where and When

DATE: Saturday 28th March, 2009 – you don’t miss a day of your working week
TIME: 9.30am- 4pm includes buffet lunch and 2 working sessions and a copy of the Get Clients Now! book
COST: £95 per person and includes lunch plus a copy of Get Clients Now!

VENUE: Waltham Abbey Marriott® Hotel
Old Shire Lane, Waltham Abbey Essex, England EN93LX United Kingdom
Phone: 44 1992 717170

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