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Getting used to no routine

Wow what a change! – from a strict routine of, up at 5, gym by half past and at my desk by 7 , to freedom, time, space and the ability to waste a morning watching Jeremy Kyle and GMTV – taking full advantage of the tips about optimum eye shadow techniques and recipes to confuse even Gordon Ramsey.

After a few days of this ‘freedom’ I found myself craving some sort of structure again! So back to routine it had to be and starting with making packed lunch for my partner before he heads to work at 6am kind of works!!!

So with all these wonderful ideas and visions of me being the next  Dotcom revelation reality began to hit – how was I going to up my skills in coaching, how I was going to market myself, what niche service would I provide and why would someone choose me over someone else. I had to make myself stand out – but how??

A website seemed like a great start so I eagerly visited PC World and bought myself a ‘DIY’ website package and ran home as if my backside was on fire! Filled with the enthusiasm and excitement that in a few hours I could be displayed in all my glory across the web I got to work straight away. Needless to say 6 hours later the computer, cat, postman and IT support man were on the receiving end of my total despair at the realisation of my incapability to ‘build’ my website. So with my volatile and impulsive character contacted my friend whose husband is a web designer – eureka!!!!!! – Outsourcing is a truly great concept!!

So with my confidence knocked slightly at my pre- kindergarten IT skills I dusted myself down to engage in my further learning and dived headlong into my Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) qualification. Attending a three day course to set me on the way, followed by a gruelling two weeks of further  DVD, teleclass and research to do during which ‘Gus’ my adorable rag doll cat was subjected to NLP techniques that I am sure will haunt him for the rest of his life!!! Finally after another four day grilling I obtained my NLP Practitioner status. I also had the privilege of meeting many inspiring people, one of whom, Kirsty, has become a great friend and has a Coaching Company called Blutortoise. She also has a Master NLP qualification and a range of other talents that I am slowly finding out about! She is off to embark on a race across the Atlantic Ocean called the ARC.  There are 6 girls in the crew sailing on a boat called Diamonds are Forever – (six wannabe Bond girls on a boat with no 007!!- who needs men anyway!!) Check them out on www.girlsforsail.com.

Only Kirsty would think of doing such an insane race when 12 months ago she had no idea of how to navigate a boat other than an inflatable one in her bath! So what has she taught me?  Well she creates a goal for herself each year, and then considers the ‘mini goals’ that will ultimately achieve her main dream. This adds structure to each day, week and month and motivates her towards that ultimate vision. This year’s vision was to celebrate leaving corporate life and living ‘her dream’.  The smaller mini-goals were qualifying in her sailing exams, earning enough money to pay for her two month adventure and getting fit, to name but a few! Watch this space for some Kirsty updates.

As we enter autumn these last few months have been challenging, life changing, fun, at times frustrating but most of all exciting! So as I look forward to the Christmas period and taking some time out for friends and family my next article is going to focus on the Festive period with hints and tips to manage those ‘family’ get together events, plan your Christmas shopping and share with you a little more of my journey. One thing I will say is that I do not regret my decision to leave corporate life and dive into the unknown!- So until next time wrap up warm, enjoy the falling leaves and the rich colours they bring and remember that “The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.” -Ben Stein


About the Author: Juli Dromgoole is going to be keeping us up to date with her new venture and sharing her learning and experience along the way.  Julie’s mantra is self confidence in yourself, who you stand for and your values is the key to making the most success of your life, infecting others with your positive, sunny attitude that makes their day shine too!  You can find out more about Juli and her coaching business at www.shine4life.com

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