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Create Multimedia products as an income stream

May 10, 2012. We’re really excited to be bringing you this fantastic no holds barred workshop on how to make money by creating multimedia products from your ideas. Multimedia products can take your business from trading your time for money, to a scalable business model where you can literally sell and make income 24/7 from people all over the world.

Easy tools, multiple income streams

It’s crazy in a global economy to limit yourself to your local market. It has never been easier to package your expertise into a video, audio and text programme that makes your customers happy and provides another stream of income for you. By leveraging your expertise and tools and techniques that are readily available today, you can reach people through different modes of learning and provide excellent value, at prices that allow a much higher profit margin for your business.

Multimedia products are now an inexpensive option for small businesses, with loads of tools that are easy to use for all levels of expertise. Interestingly, many customers are also happier to buy online as it allows them to consume your content in their own time. It is such an exciting time!

Joanna Penn, our trainer for the day is living the dream. She quit her 6 figure consulting job last October to work as a full-time blogger and fiction writer. Her income is exclusively made through selling her books and the multimedia courses that she makes. She is the author of one of the Top 10 Global websites for writers (www.thecreativepenn.com), we are really lucky to learn from someone who is making this really work for her. Joanna will not only be sharing the tools and processes that she uses, she’ll also be sharing her learning and helping us avoid the pitfalls that she hit along the way.

What you will learn:

  • How multi-media products can fit into your business as a scalable income stream
  • How to use multi-media as a marketing mechanism
  • Idea generation and how to decide on which products to create. How I got this wrong and how you can benefit from my mistakes.
  • How to conduct interviews with people all over the world, boosting your credibility and providing incoming links for search engine optimization
  • How to record, edit and publish video online
  • Tips for rapid video creation that is easy to do, cheap and that your market will love
  • How to record, edit and publish audio as podcasts or downloadable files
  • How to publish your podcast onto iTunes to reach a new audience
  • The inexpensive and accessible tools you can use to create and sell multimedia products , including cloud hosting and tools for the Mac and PC
  • How to use your blog as the basis for selling multimedia products, rather than expensive other solutions
  • How to sell multimedia products and how the money works
  • Confidence tricks for your concerns about your face and voice in order to actually get on with creation
  • How to create trust with your audience so they are happy to buy from you
  • Marketing your multimedia products

Why you should come to this workshop:

  • You want to expand your business into scalable income where you create once and sell multiple times, instead of basing your income solely on your time
  • You want to reach a global audience and not be limited to your physical presence for your income
  • You want to shortcut the process and get started straight away

This workshop is for people who want to create and sell multi-media products related to their business. You don’t have to be technically minded to attend the course, but you must be willing to learn new tools and techniques.

About your trainer: This course is presented by Joanna Penn, author-entrepreneur and international speaker.

Joanna’s site, www.TheCreativePenn.com was voted one of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers and helps people write, publish and market their books. She brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to this process and will share how she makes 80% of her income from scalable products online. No hype, just information that works.

Joanna presented on this topic at the 2012 Women Unlimited conference and it was one of the most popular talks of the day.

When, Where and How Much

When: May 10, 2012 – 9.30am Registration for 10am start – 5pm, then informal drinks afterwards

Location: One KX, 120 Cromer Street | London | WC1H 8BS

How much: £155.00 and includes lunch and afternoon tea and coffee

But don’t take our word for it!

Joanna Penn is an international speaker on writing, publishing and marketing. Here are some testimonials from her other events that she has run for us…

“One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. You’ve given me so much information, absolutely fantastic. I feel so much more confident and know I can go ahead on this journey.” Gudrun Dalibor, YourVoices.co.uk, Feb 2012, Full day workshop, How to write and publish your non-fiction book

“Joanna’s experience, honesty and expertise are mind-blowing. Practical and inspiring.” Sarah Chatwin, Feb 2012, Full day workshop, How to write and publish your non-fiction book

“Joanna is a ynamic speaker and educator who provides highly practical advice, delivered in an authentic ‘keep it real’ style.” Michelle Beck, Orbis Marketing. Feb 2012, Full day workshop, How to write and publish your non-fiction book

“I have just spent $2000 on a 3 day marketing intensive and feel like I got just as much out of 1.5 hours listening to Joanna’s tips on how to be an author. Great! Can’t wait to get started.” Nirala Jacobi, Natural Healthcare, from Australian workshops

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  1. Hello Julie!
    Just found your site (via Joanna Penn’s site), and I’m very impressed! I would love to be able to attend this
    workshop! I have been looking for something just like this event in order to take my Artwork to the next level,
    as well as publish a book and a couple of videos about Mandala Art.
    I live in Florida, United States, though… I have not ruled out attending, but it would be difficult, and money
    is a bit of a limiting factor unfortunately.
    ( Not for long though, right? As soon as I crack the code here and find out how to make this happen!)
    In the meantime, do you know of anything similar closer to home for me?
    ( Check out the website, and let me know what your thoughts are, please)
    Thanks so much,
    Janine Wooten / MandalaGallery.com / 1.407.620.5633 / MandalaArtist@gmail.com

  2. Why is it that when you really want to do something it always clashes with something else?! Are there plans to run this workshop again? I would really love to attend but have to be somewhere else on that date.

    • Hi Kathy… It is certainly something that we will consider and I know that Joanna is thinking about turning this into an online course at sometime in the future as it has been such a powerful income stream for her.

  3. Will be there! Will be a “constructive blast”, I am sure!

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