How to get and give endorsements on LinkedIn

Yesterday I received an endorsement notification from LinkedIn that Hela Wozniak Kay (one of the dynamic duo that created Sister Snog) has endorsed me for blogging.  And this got me thinking.  Why blogging?  So I did a little bit of investigation and figured out what the answer was and in this video I share with you a quick behind the scenes look at how you can give and get endorsements for better keywords.

I think the endorsement function of LinkedIn is a great and simple addition to what is already a fantastic connection and recommendation tool.  Whenever we run our social media marketing strategy workshops, LinkedIn is the one tool that 95% of business owners are using (so if you’re not on LinkedIn you should be!).

I hope you like the video and if you are on LinkedIn, click this link and connect with me!


4 Replies to “How to get and give endorsements on LinkedIn”

  1. Excellent video post Julie. It’s just like I’m sitting in one of your Women Unlimited buisness club meetings acquiring fantastic information to help my busuiness.


  2. I am loving the endorsement feature!

    Its giving me a chance to let people I know that I think they are skilled in particular field but also allows me to choose who I work with a lot better.

    Great video!

  3. Yes, LinkedIn has always been a fantastic tool for B2B networking. They have added a lot of new features recently to keep them at the forefront of the big social media players. My favorite new addition is the options to add product pages to your company page.

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