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How to make the most of your time

We are now at the final part of this time management education. Actually that is not completely true because mastering time management isn’t what you are aiming for. What you are aiming for is to understand the principles of time/self management, which you can implement into any given situation. Chances are when working from home your schedule changes daily, so you must be flexible and make the changes necessary to get the most out of your time every day.

As was mentioned in the previous two articles what we really have control over in ourselves and not time. Armed with your time diary and the tips in the last article, what changes to your self management have you put in place? Have you taken a fresh look at where and how your office is set up? Do you now set goals on a regular basis? Do you create a timetable and set priorities so that those goals are met? Have you noticed a change in how you manage time?

What was the most significant change you made and how can you implement more of that change so your time management improves even further?

Here are a few more time management Success Secrets. These secrets don’t necessary need your time diary but they do carry on from the secrets in the previous article.

Set boundaries

When first working from home we sometimes don’t take setting boundaries serious enough. Being effective while working from home is so much more than setting your laptop at the dining room table and start working.

Nothing wastes time like friends and family dropping in because they don’t respect that even though you are at home, you are actually working. Make sure you let everyone know when you are available and how to contact you if there is an emergency. If your family is also at home while you are working, than get everyone’s cards on the table by having a family meeting. This is an opportunity for everyone to have their say and from that you are able to create an agreement of boundaries for when you are working. This will allow all opinions, issues and requirements to be heard and respected.

Set Tea Breaks

If you add up all the tea breaks over a year, office employees waste on average 37days. According to Glamour magazine (January 2007).

Don’t be your own worse enemy and work yourself to the point of exhaustion. Remember to leave your desk and stretch your legs. Taking regular breaks are important to keeping your mind fresh, improve concentration and accomplish more.

Set Good Habits

You need to make sure that you are in the ‘habit’ of good time management, and that is what Purely Peppermints secrets have been showing you. If you know that you have a couple of very bad habits eating away at what you could accomplish with your time, than find ways or seek help to kick those bad habits.

Set finishing time

A bad habit when working from home is just to work and work with no end in sight. Decided upon your working hours, so when the day is finished you can close the office door and walk away; it is now time to focus on your self, friends and family.

I hope you have a bit more understanding about your time and how to manage it. If you would like further working from home success ideas than visit www.purelypeppermint.com where you will have access to our Working-From-Home Success Secrets and have an opportunity to sign up for Purely Peppermint’s regular newsletter.


About the Author: Rachael Ross of Purely Peppermint provides specialist consultancy services in developing and introducing an effective home working environment. She works with individuals and businesses by providing bespoke practical solutions for their home office. Through leadership, training, hands-on and telephone support and advice, Rachael ensures that her clients have the greatest of success in their chosen field. To help achieve that success she instructs on, setting boundaries, dealing with isolation, managing clients, managing your time, finding work/life balance, plus much, much more.

A regular contributor to leading working from home websites and magazines, Rachael was invited to the Home Business Summit at the House of Commons to advise central government on how to improve and support home businesses.

Rachael is focused on her clients achieving productive and effective results. Her continual commitment can be seen through the monthly newsletter, packed full of practical tips and solutions to all your home office troubles. For more information on Purely Peppermint and a chance to sign up to her newsletter please visit www.purelypeppermint.com

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  1. Great psot, especially looking at working from home. I have recenlty made the leap to working from home and can definietly relate to setting boundaries. I think my family feel because I’m at home, even when I say I’m “working” they feel it’s almost “playing at working” because hty’re used to work being done in an office. I would get numerous phonecalls and interruptions and had to elt them know how and when I could be reached.

    I also found it difficult to switch off, but I find that planning my day keeps me on track so that when I reach the end of my working day, I can look back at what I’ve crossed off and it makes me accept that I’ve done as much as I can for one day and can relax.

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