How to stand out as the expert in your field

With the explosion of the internet and massive growth of small businesses actively networking, your own profession or market can seem very crowded. Wouldn’t it be great if, whenever someone in your community was looking for services such as yours, they immediately thought of you!

Lots of business owners try to be all things to all people, all of the time because they think it’s easier to market to anyone and everyone and to specialise would limit them. So what are the benefits of having a clear niche and specialism?

  • People like and are attracted to experts
  • People remember experts – (who do you remember for example as the expert in helping women feel GREAT about their bodies)
  • People are more likely to refer/recommend experts or those with a specific niche, because they remember more clearly what you do and who you do it for!
  • Marketing is easier (Oh yes!!!) – many people think it limits them, but actually it positions them!
  • It keeps you focused – look what happens to certain retailers when they lose or don’t have a focus.
  • Publicity is easier to get – journalists and the media love experts too!

So how do you position yourself as the expert in your field?

One of the most important things that any business owner needs to know (in detail) is who exactly they are marketing and selling to; their specific target market and ideal clients.

You need to know the specific needs, challenges & aspirations that your target market has in relation to your services. This way you can you speak THEIR language and build rapport with them easily and quickly.

And once you know your niche area well then you need to continually look for opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. You can do this through a combination of:

  • Public speaking – networking events, professional societies and clubs
  • Networking, this is actually easier and more effective when you have a clear niche
  • Blogging
  • Articles
  • Regular writing spots – online or offline – what do your target market read?
  • Writing and replying to forums
  • Writing books on your specialist subject
  • PR – what do your audience read or watch regularly?
  • Seminars specifically aimed at your target audience
  • Creating raving fans (another subject!)
  • Free reports and products on websites – a stepping stone to purchasing your full service

The question is, does your marketing make it totally clear who your ideal clients are and what you do for them ……… or is there room for a little more focus?!


About the Author: Jenny Littlejohn. Jenny specialises in helping small business owners (especially service professionals) who are stuck, confused and frustrated with their marketing and business development efforts. Jenny helps her clients to define precisely who their clients are and how they buy in order to develop and implement an individually tailored marketing program that makes them stand out from the crowd and attract their ideal clients.  She loves blogging and writing articles as a way of sharing valuable knowledge and inspiring women to try think in new ways and try a different approach.  Check out her simply successful internet marketing – 1-day workshop and her blog the inspiredpreneur

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