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HUB Launches into Europe!

March 28th, London. HUB New Business Networking and Opportunity Meeting March 28th, free invite to spend 3 days with Rev Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield from “The Secret” and Roger Hamilton, Founder of XL Wealth Dynamics! Register at www.humanityunitesbrilliance.eu

Jack and Michael are also hosting a 4 week teleseminar series in April, free to those who attend the event on the 28th.

HUB is actively looking for non-profit and for-profit partners who see our vision and would like to collaberate in order to extend their impact together with ours. We already have several non-profits as HUB members.

This is the largest Humanitarian collection of entrepreneurs ever assembled and united on a single mission! HUB was founded in December 2007 by Charlie Gay, former event manager to Margaret Thatcher and concert organiser for major stars such as Pink Floyd, Madonna and Cher, following an incident where he was asked by Nelson Mandela to help provide food for 500,000 Mozambiquans who were starving and found that the only way he could do it in the timescale he had, was to pool the resources of profit-making organisations. As a result he realised that non-profit organisations had no ability to provide sustained aid for the increasing world poverty issues and he founded “HUB”, a network where members donate $99 per month to feed and educate the poor whilst also earning an income from spreading the word – a phenomenal idea!

HUB’s mission is to move all people of the world from survival to self-sustainability. HUB-In Aid is a “keystone” product that our Angels can gift. This movement is committed to returning dignity back to nations. “We don’t just give a man a bag of grain, we teach him how to grow the grain himself in the future.”
HUB co-creates sustainment programs with field agents in chosen communities around the world. Currently we are focusing on Kenya, Liberia and Uganda in Africa, and various cities in the USA. We anticipate programs commencing in India as well as further Africa countries such as Zimbabwe and Mozambique. We call the recipients in each community “HUB-Powerees” because they receive more than just survival-aid (like food and water). Through HUB’s empowerment programs, they are also supported with village build-outs, schools for 200 children each, vocational training and micro-loans for the caregivers of the children and the youth such as former child soldiers.


HUB was only officially launched in USA in June 2008 and there is already commission of $8000 per month being generated! Over $800,000 has been given in aid into the field to date. There is no product to move, simply a monthly donation to charity and 40% of that goes straight back into paying the network (ie our members). Forty percent of the monthly donations go straight into HUB’s impact projects with monthly reports on the impact this provides (complete transparency). The remaining 20% goes into marketing and administration. By becoming a member of HUB you too, can become a philanthropist and together we can create the exponential growth required to accelerate our mission to end world poverty!

London has been selected as the platform to launch the charity throughout Europe. We are hosting our first ever European HUB Business Opportunity and Networking Event on March 28th 2009, with the further opportunity to receive advanced training on Sunday 29th with Michael Oliver, trainer with Deepak Chopra, for those who exhibit a desire to get started immediately to create their own abundance through Giving and Receiving!

Please bring a friend and come along to find out how you can contribute to this incredible cause and earn an extra income at the same time

Register at www.humanityunitesbrilliance.eu

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