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Internal Networking – have you got it covered?

Women in Technology have released a second date for this popular workshop.

Is your internal network wide enough and deep enough?
Are your key relationships warm or cold?
What is your value to your key contacts?
Are you clear what your brand is within your organisation?

Internal networking has always been important, but often we can know something is logical and yet struggle to put it into practice. For some women it is about getting started, others it is to do with time, return on investment. Some need to be convinced, overcome shyness and lack of confidence. You may just need a plan.

This workshop will discuss how to review your existing contacts, create a plan, think about you brand and value. This won’t be a lecture but a learning group so that you walk away with a plan and clear idea on what to do next.

Feedback from Heathers last Networking Training Course:

“Covered my expectations in total”.
“I thought [the workshop] was positive and encouraging, inspiring new confidence to give networking a go!”
“[The session has] given me the tools to enable me to practice different techniques.. to network”.

This workshop will be lead by Heather White

Heather White is the founder and CEO of Smarter Networking Ltd. Her expertise is creating business networking strategies to break into new sectors, forming internal and external collaborations and finding new business opportunities. Over the last few years she has successfully broken into and deepened business growth within five new sectors. Heather has a passion for stripping away everything that is superficial and wrong about business and career networking and replacing it with authentic and effective methods.


womenintechnology offices,
114 Middlesex Street, London, E1 7JH
Cost: £57 + VAT

If this course is of interest to you, please email Sarah Lilley on slilley@womenin.co.uk  or call on 020 7422 9213.   Find out more http://www.womenintechnology.co.uk/internal-networking-have-you-got-it-covered

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