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UK small business competitions 2011

It’s competition time…

We are coming into the spring, which means it’s competition time!  Here are a few of the competitions that you can enter as a small business owner.  Some have a financial reward for the winners, and some just prestige, but competitions are a great way to build profile for your business.

T-Mobile Small Business Competition

On  1st March T-Mobile launched a competition for small businesses with a £2k first prize; It follows the last competition aimed at small businesses which ran in December and asked small businesses to pitch themselves in as straight talking a manner as possible within 140 characters. This time round we’re asking small businesses what positive changes they would make to their business with £2k.

The idea is that with an increasingly uncertain economic climate, it’s getting harder for small businesses to predict how their business will be doing in the months ahead . This competition gives small businesses examples of what other businesses are doing to make positive changes in their business, whilst also giving them the opportunity to get some free advertising/self-promotion on t-mobile’s site.

Click here to find out more and enter for the chance to win http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/business/business-sense/competition/

The Pitch

Britain’s biggest small business competition is back for a fourth year! The Pitch is a small business competition where you pitch your business to a panel of experts who will assess your business viability and pitching skills.

Four lucky entrants, plus a wildcard contestant chosen by the public, will make it through to the central London final where the winner will receive a prize package worth £50,000.

So if you think you’ve got a killer idea / or business click here to find out more and enter


The NatWest everywoman Awards celebrates inspirational business women who have achieved significant success – particularly those who’ve had to overcome adversities such as financial constraints, social disadvantages or skills gaps. The Awards play an invaluable role in both recognising success and inspiring other women to venture into the field of business.

Click here to find out more and apply

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