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Jessica Huie – founder of Colourblind Cards: overcoming the odds

Upon learning that his 17 year old daughter was pregnant, Jessica’s father told her: “now you will only ever be a statistic.” The words stung but Jessica was determined to prove him wrong. While shopping for a card for her daughter, she discovered that the products available were not ethnically inclusive. Realising the huge gap in the market, Jessica launched Colourblind Cards, a range of ethnically diverse greeting cards. Her product is now in 120 stores in the UK and the largest card distributor in the US is rolling them out nationwide.  Be inspired by her story!

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  1. loved the presentation, truly fantastic story. my 5 year old daughters dream is to be one one of your cards so she can show her school mates and be proud to be who she is, a beautiful black princess. im still waiting for your casting call. connie.

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