John Demartini – Live and inspired, London

September 17, 2008.  John Demartini is going to be in London for a rare appearance.

John Demartini presents a captivating blend of science, sociology, history and philosophy, presented in a completely accessible way, to give you a fresh new look at human behavior.

Dr Demartini is as entertaining and humorous as he is profound and insightful.

Triumphant Events has asked Dr John Demartini to return to London and give one of his most inspired talks ever.

And, what he will cover may literally change your life.

Note: Don’t come to this event empty-handed …
… bring a challenge, a frustration, or something that has restricted you. Choose a big one … because you’re about to have a breakthrough.

We’re going to be there!  You can read more about the event here, and through this link you get a 50% discount!

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  1. I was very execited reading about Dr John Demartinis return but it is impossible to get any information about it.I have clicked on the link you have provided and you cannot book on that website it doesn’t take you over “please wait” when you want to book.I have tried to call the contact number nobody is answering.
    I am really dissapointed.

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