Speaker: Liz Warom, Founder of Temple Spa

It’s amazing to think that Liz Warom’s illustrious career even got off the ground, when you find out she left school at the tender age of 16 with a handful of O Levels and an engagement ring on her finger! Not having the first idea what she wanted to do after leaving school, Liz was sitting in the dental surgery chair, when a thought came to her, so she hopped off and convinced the dentist she’d ALWAYS wanted to be a dental nurse, so would he like to hire her? After just half an hour she left with a couple of fillings and a new job!

These days, she oozes confidence, focus and purpose as joint head and owner of her growing empire Temple Spa. When you meet Liz you realise the foundational skill she has for communicating and leading others, was irresistible to that dentist some 30 years and has continued to inspire thousands of women whose lives she has touched.

After her initial fling with dentistry, Liz has spent her entire working life in the cosmetics industry. She has held executive positions with world-class brand names such as Gillette, The Body Shop and Virgin. In each of these roles, she has used her passion, enthusiasm and insight to influence women to greatness.

At the age of twenty, she managed a field network of some 2000 consultants and to this day, her greatest pleasure is derived from not just creating skin-spa products for the predominantly female consumers, but working alongside the hundreds of Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultants and Managers who sell her them.

“I just love and believe in women and I know I’ve been put on this planet to work with them and bring forth the potential that lies within”

Temple Spa products are created in Switzerland and Suffolk, England and are based on high levels of natural botanicals, mainly based on The Mediterranean diet and the skin care is 100% anti-ageing. The products work, they really do what they say on the jar and the names, textures and fragrances are all an added pleasure. Availability is Harrods, Selfridges, high-end spas and through the companies network of Lifestyle consultants.

To find out more about Temple Spa products, spa therapy classes in the home or micro-franchise opportunities, visit the website at www.templespa.com  or email Sales Director alexcamillin@templespa.com

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  1. I am delighted to say i am one of Liz’ Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultants & Managers. I have worked for Temple Spa for 2 years and this role has changed my life. I have financial independance, flexibiltiy within my role and most of all family time with my lovely husband Tony and my gorgeous 9 year old son Jake. I would like to thank both Liz & Mark Warom for the opportunity of a lifetime, I LOVE the products and i LOVE my job. You are truly a company of Excellance where individuals are encouraged to Dream Big and reach for the stars. All my love Linda X

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